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7 Ways To Beat Your Hangover during Wedding Week this Year End!

Tips & Tricks to get you up & running with energy during this holiday season.

Ways to beat your hangover during wedding week

Alcohol is arguably a fun part of any event, albeit a sinful one. The worst part is the morning after, when you’re forced to repent. Controlling and limiting your drinks is next to impossible when the drinks flow like in wedding parties. Besides, with events scheduled back to back, strutting around like a zombie all day, waiting for the evening parties is just not an option. Here’s some hangover cures that’ll make sure you can pack in an eventful day of cheerful socializing (sans headache) along with all your thumkas in the evenings!

1. Coconut water

Packed with a host of vitamins and minerals, this is the purest form of vitamin water you’ll get. Helping you rehydrate, coconut water contains just the right electrolytes to help you get a little perkier. Unlike energy and sports drinks, coconut water does not contain unnecessary and excessive amounts of sugar, which aren’t the best for you. So stock up, and binge through the day!

Coconut water
Rehydrate yourself

2. Anti-inflammatory

Popping an ibuprofen will help with the symptoms temporarily. Your splitting headache will be gone for you to start up your day. This however will not help the uneasy tummy so be sure to not slow down on sipping water throughout the day. Have a tablet first thing in the morning for maximum effect.

Relieving body ache

3. Honey-Lemon-Ginger

Make yourself a little mocktail with some raw honey, a bit of freshly squeezed lemon and ginger. The lemon is great for resetting the body’s PH and will do wonders for the general feeling of lethargy, helping you get fresh. Ginger is fabulous for queasiness and nausea, and honey of course for the taste. Ginger can also be had in small pieces, chewed through the day. Candied ginger is in our opinion the most effective and best tasting of the lot.  Perhaps even small shots of freshly squeezed lemon juice would make a quick pick-me-up.

Helping you refresh

4. Tomato – Bloody Or Otherwise!

Had as juice or consumed as is, tomato contains a good amount of fructose and helps you flush your system out well. Plus you can also do ‘the hair of the dog’ that bit you, aka add a bit of vodka to your tomato juice or make a Bloody Mary. This’ll pep you right up and get you going with a tangy drink by your side. The major downside is that just like ibuprofen, the effect will wear off eventually and you might just feel not so good when that happens.

Tomato - Bloody Or Otherwise!
Tangy drink for you

5. Cabbage

A strange cure is cabbage. Chewed or taken as juice, this is a great metabolism booster. The ancient Greeks and Romans apparently were no strangers to it’s miracle properties regarding alcohol and consumed great quantities of it to be able to drink more.

Juice with miraculous properties

6. Say No To Fried, Greasy Foods

Though hangovers make you crave that double cheese burst pizza, stay away from it. These types of heavy foods only slow your liver down and load it up. After all the alcohol placing such a heavy demand on your liver, the last thing you want to do is increase its load. So slow down on the junk food and stock up on a whole lot of fresh leafy salads. Eating fruits can also help, apples and bananas in particular are very good for helping with queasiness and getting your metabolism back on gear. Bananas are packed with potassium as well, something you really need after a night of heavy drinking. A lot of dehydration could get your muscles cramping and sore, something that the potassium in bananas really helps with.

Say No To Fried, Greasy Foods
Green leaves are healthy

7. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

While it might be hard to keep a check on how much you drink, it might be a good idea to try and drink the right stuff! Scientifically, higher levels of congeners in alcohol slow down your metabolism and give you hangovers that are intense and last longer.

Vodka, gin and rum are all low in congener levels, which whiskey, cognac, tequila and bourbon are best to keep your distance from when wedding parties are continuous.

Choose Your Alcohol Wisely
Right drink for the right stuff

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