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Deepika Padukone in Padmaavat gives every bride major style goals for 2018!

Brides to be, check out the stunning revival of Rajasthani bridal beauty.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali films have of late been the stuff of fantasy. Filmed in a ginormous scale with elaborate production (dramatic sets, and lavish costumes), each SLB film in the past three years has served in some way or the other, as inspiration for wedding themes. Padmaavat has been on the front page of newspapers across the country for quite some time now. Everything aside, the brilliant costumes and jewelry have ensured that the film stays on the top of our mind too. Here are the top design inspirations of Deepika as a trend defining Rajasthani Queen.

The Bridal Poshaak

The Padmaavat film featured a trousseau designed by Rimple & Harpreet Narula, who have done a tremendous job of creating intricate, royal Rajasthani poshaaks that Deepika Padukone carries with the easy elegance of Friday casuals. The traditional style of wearing the dupatta across the torso with the gorgeous jewellery is a major trend for 2018.

The Big Picture
All elements together

It’s All About Layers

Taking cues from Deepika in Padmaavat, we have learnt a trick or two about putting together an outfit, and we can condense it into one maxim – more can often be just right when it comes to such occasions. Layer ghaghras and odhnis to create a regal appearance. Combine two separate odhnis, or wear a jacket over a choli to give your ensemble weight. This is a perfect trick to keeping warm if you’re tying the knot in the winter as well!

It’s All About Layers
Putting together

More Power To The Brow!

Gone are the days of slender pencil line eyebrows. It is time to make way for the Power Brow – full eyebrows that frame the eyes. Cut down on the tweezing and threading and embrace the natural contours of your brow line. Of course, you don’t have to go all out and draw in a unibrow like the one Deepika sports in the film, but fill in for increased volume, and let those brows work wonders with kohl lined eyes.

More Power To The Brow!
Embrace the natural contour

The re-invention of Gota

Deepika wears traditionally heavy costumes in the film, typical to the styles of a ‘rani’. Amongst other embroidery, the use of Gota stands out. The gota has been re-invented away from its floral use in borders and used all over the garment in geometric and delicate patterns. You can use this style to add dimension and depth to your dupattas! Designer Sukriti & Aakriti have worked with gota in this contemporary fashion and you can choose a style from their store.

The re-invention of Gota
Styles of a Queen

The Coin Haar

While chokers have been around for a while, Deepika has really pulled off the massive traditional ‘haar’ with the additional detail of large coin like ‘tiklis’ at the end. From using small framed photos of gods to intricate pendants, we love the look in entirety. The main design difference is that instead of a central pendant, there are multiple large pendants across the length of the sprawling haar.

The Coin Haar
Multiple large pendant

Borli Magic

A lot of brides have been taking steps back from heavy ornaments, but sometimes it can really be your way of being a princess for a day!

Set in medieval Rajputana, the story of the film Padmaavat requires to be told keeping in mind the regalia of royalty back then. Deepika and her jewelry in the film is major style goals for us. Not deviating an inch from traditional patterns and combinations, Deepika rocks Rajasthani jewelry like nobody has ever before – on screen at least. Throughout the film, Deepika is seen in different costumes, but always with a full set of traditional jewelry.

From a Borla (maangtika) for your head and the stunning Aad choker necklace, to the elaborate Rajasthani Naths and Chunky Baajubandhs, traditional jewelry pieces certainly have a charm of their own. For events like sangeet and the reception, avoid the bulkier pieces and instead play with combinations of a chaandbaali (moon shaped earring), a statement haathphool, or just a nice standout bichuwa.

Do Not Shy Away From Jewelry
Ornaments for regal look

Attitude Over All

Having said so much about Deepika’s costumes and styling for the film, it would be unfair to go without mentioning the strength of the character she portrays. From the several stills and promotional videos of the film, we know for certain that Deepika is playing the role of Rani Padmaavati – a strong queen, and devoted wife who will go to any length to maintain the repute of her kingdom and the sanctity of her marriage. The trailers are meant to give you goosebumps and why not? The one word that would describe the entire character of Padmaavati would be, Fierce. And wearing a strong attitude is definitely what makes you stand out in any crowd!

Attitude Over All
Strength of the character

Check out the Deepika Padukone rocking the look of Rani Padmavati in all her glory in the trailer for the film!

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