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    Contemporary lehenga looks for the new age, easy going brides!

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    We know that every bride has her own style and while the signature Indian bridal look replicates the Maharanis of the yesteryear, not every bride wants to be decked up in a lehenga weighing kilos! If your personal style is relaxed, light and easy, we’ve got the perfect style guide for you.

    Pastel Princess

    While the traditional lehengas are usually bright red or wine in shade, you can definitely break the stereotype by opting for lighter hues that are more suited to your personality. Blues, greens, yellows and even ivory are all beautiful picks for brides. The perfect designers for pastel bridal lehengas are Anushree Reddy & Monika Nidhii.

    The soothing Palette

    Breathable Fabrics

    Opt for simpler fabrics which are free flowing and do not add too much weight to your ensemble. A great pick for a beautiful flowing fabric is georgette or even net and tulle. Opt for Astha Narang lehengas for light, flowing fabrics.

    Soft and elegant

    Minimal Embroidery

    Minimal and consistent

    Opting for minimal embroideries such as sequin work or gota patti will allow you to be much more relaxed in your bridal outfit than opting for traditional options such as dabka, dori and stone work. Keep the embroidery simple and uniform for a light look to your outfit. Many Sabyasachi lehengas or outfits by Shyamal Bhumika can be found in these styles.

    Kurti Style

    Ditch the short choli style over your lehenga in favour of a longer kurti for a much more relaxed bridal outfit. Now popular in a Rajasthani avatar thanks to Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat styles, this beautiful looks is regal and trendy. Check out Sukriti & Aakriti, as well as Abhinav Mishra for these styles.

    The new trend

    Penny Wise

    If you truly don’t want to splurge on a heavy, expensive lehenga, we highly recommend that you get your design customized by the many talented artisans in our country. Likely to be able to replicate any design of your choice, this will save you money as well as create a bridal outfit that is suited to your needs. Head to Shahpur Jat or Chandni Chowk for the ideal options.

    The Tailor-made
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    The top shops for wedding shopping in Shahpur Jat

    Cover photo designers

    We’ve got the pick of the best shops in Shahpur Jat for you to splurge on your wedding digs! A wonderful hub for art & fashion, the Shahpur Jat area offers a wide range of options for not only brides but also family and friends. Original styles by designers, jewellery, shoes, gowns and Indian wear, this small and stylish village has got it all.

    Monika + Nidhii

    A splendid designer collection for brides and best friends of the brides, this young, trendy yet elegant designer duo creates beautiful feminine styles that are perfect for a sangeet or cocktail.

    The Sparkly lehengas

    Suhana Arts & Jewels

    A complete bridal jewellery designer store, Suhana Arts & Jewels has tucked away in a corner of Shahpur Jat but offers some wonderful designs for maang tika, mathapati, rings as well as necklaces They also customize according to your tastes and preferences.

    Eye for Detail

    Abhinav Mishra

    Abhinav Mishra in Shahpur Jat is one of the designers on the rise from whom you must shop now! The beautiful pastels and sheer dupattas make this a perfect look day weddings, mehendi and pre-wedding functions.

    The Pastels

    Bageecha by Benares

    Bageecha by Benares features some beautiful Benarasi garments and fabrics sources straight from Varanasi. Check out the colourful and wonderful designs which are perfect for brides and even mums of the bride!

    Handwoven Attires

    The Shoe Garage

    One of the oldest boutiques in Shahpur Jat, The Shoe Garage not only stocks some of the unique and original designs in Delhi but also customizes and creates shoes just for you!

    For the Special day


    Perfect for the bride who doesn’t like to deck up in heavy jewellery or prefers a little quirk, Nimai is a great place to shop. You can opt for minimal jewellery for daily wear or your mehendi from Nimai which houses collections by various designers.

    Contemporary Jewellery

    Preeti Mohan

    Preeti Mohan is now a household name in imitation jewellery and her designs are ideal for your bridal look. From complete sets to beautiful single pieces, her store in Shahpur Jat stocks everything you need for your wedding week.

    Ethnic Bridal Jewellery

    Manvi Kapoor

    Manvi Kapoor is another great option, especially for budget shoppers! They’ve got something for everybody and we love their beautiful styles. Pick one up if you’re attending your best friend’s wedding.

    Love for Detail


    Aafrah by Sakshi & Shalki offers a range of comfortable yet stylish designs for the urban girl. We love their customized, tailored fits and attention to detail!

    Comfort yet stylish

    Bhumika Grover

    Bhumika Grover is another household name when it comes to picks for wedding shopping. Drop by her boutique in Shahpur Jat for a wide range of bridal options!

    Stylish yet Elegant
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    Sikh Wedding Styles For An Elegant Day Wedding!

    Cover Photo Sikh wedding

    From daytime rituals to the actual wedding ceremony – the Anand Karaj – taking place in the prayer hall of a Gurudwara, Sikh wedding attires embody elegance and comfort. Keeping aside the heavy lehengas and velveteen fabrics, here are five bridal ensembles to make sure your royal grace is kept intact even on a sunny day of ceremonies, rituals and tradition.

    Florals For The Day

    Summer dresses scream flowers all across the globe, so why can’t a summer day bridal ensemble do the same? From Sabyasachi’s stunning embroideries to more subtle floral prints on chiffon and light silks, go floral this wedding season. You can choose from floor length lehengas elaborately decorated from waist to toe – dupatta and choli included – or even customize the dress to have floral accents on a light coloured pastel base.

    Floral Dresses

    Pastel Plains

    Muted pastel tones catch the morning light and you will look nothing short of a princess. Sky blues, mauve, sea greens and pastel pinks worked on with zari, gold and silver – attires that echo Disney royalty, washed over by our very own jewelled ornamentation.

    Pastel Style

    Light In Every Way

    To keep up with the pace of the day, the floor sitting, ceremonies and hours of social interaction, we do recommend that you pick an ensemble which is light, airy and not easily crinkled. Chiffon layered lehengas give the skirt body and still keep you comfortable, but if you have found the perfect lehenga already which isn’t particularly light in terms of fabric, then even making sure the dupatta is chiffon will help. Traditional Sikh bridal attire was once a salwar kameez – and a lot of brides opt to skip the lehenga on the wedding day altogether.

    Like The Sun

    What better way to get married under the shining sunlight than to echo the hues of yellow and ochre. Often the bridal Haldi attire is bright yellow, but there’s nothing keeping you from being just as vibrant on your wedding day! If you’re the kind to shy away from entirely bright shades, add accents of pastels through the borders, blouse, dupatta and even the embroidery work to either sober up the ensemble or add more colour.

    Vibrant Attire

    Fifty Shades Of White

    It may seem a little unorthodox to go fully white at an Indian wedding, but a predominantly white lehenga or salwar kameez can definitely be the embodiment of elegance. A subtle tint of beige, pink or cream can help offset the pure white fabric, as can heavy accents of gold work and embroidery.

    White Elegance
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    Essential Guide to Hindu Wedding Traditions & Their Meaning

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    Ever asked your elders why certain traditions are followed from generation to generation with such unwavering faith? Hindu wedding traditional in fact each have a deeper meaning, scientific or otherwise, marking each act as one of absolute importance – and here are a few.

    Significance of Sindoor And Tilak

    An act done so often and routinely in almost all Indian ceremonies – and on numerous occasions during a wedding – the application of a tilak on the forehead holds meaning beyond what most of us know. The point where our eyebrows meet is seen as a coming together of nerves, a confluence of energy which is brought into focus by the tilak.

    Similarly, sindoor on the bride’s maang is just as signification. Physiologically beneficial, traditionally sindoor is made with a combination of turmeric lime and mercury – elements that are said to influence sexual drive in the body by controlling blood pressure. It’s anti-stress and erogenous properties make it a sign of the married women, making it inappropriate in India to be worn by unmarried woman.

    The Story Behind The Mehendi

    The rumoured belief of the deep mehendi colour being a sign of a healthy marriage is one that is often quoted, but henna has other properties as well. When blended well and organically, the herb itself is medicinal. With inherent stress relieving characteristics which affect the nerve endings in the palm, henna has cooling properties which calm the body. Traditionally, henna is not applied in winter months as it can make you sick.

    The Science And Significance Of The Bichua

    A thing of beauty, the toe-ring is a symbol of the married woman in Indian culture – existent pan India in various cultures. Again connected to nerve endings, the particular nerve ending at that toe is said to connect to the uterus. The pressure regulates blood flow and keeps in check the reproductive system and menstrual cycles. The ring is a sign of fertility – keeping in check the prana or force of life in the woman – marking a connection between the uterus and the heart.

    Fasting Before The Ceremony – Vratham In Tamil Nadu

    The day before the wedding, or the morning of the ceremony, the bride and groom fast till the first set of rituals are over. Most often followed in South Indian wedding ceremonies, the fast – vratham – is considered a prayer for a prosperous and successful married life. The fast itself is scientifically a detox, giving the digestive organs a break and cleansing the body.

    The fast is complimented by a ceremony signifying growth, where the married woman of the household allow grains to sprout in water for a day and then immerse the sprouted grains into water to feed the fishes.

    Saat Phere / Saptapadi – A Legal Bind

    Where science and biology rule a lot of the Hindu wedding traditions, the idea of the Saat Phere is one that is primarily legal. A bind of good faith, the bride and groom make promises as the walk around the fire seven times, each ‘padi’ signifying the sealing of an obligation which is witnessed by the family. The flame itself represents the witnessing of such promises by a higher power, forging a bond with is unbreakable.

    Grah Pravesh – Entering Her New Home With Flourish

    An extension of the wedding ceremony is when the bride enters her new home for the first time. Not only is she welcomed as a goddess signifying prosperity and fertility coming into the home, but she is also seen as the symbol of purity. In literal translation, the bride kicks over a kalash of rice and coins – the former signifying fertility (as grain) and the later the coming of wealth and Lakshmi in the home.

    In some cultures, the bride steps in a thal of aalta, marking deep red footsteps as she walks in, a trace which is believed to be Lakshmi’s homecoming.

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    Floral wedding styles for men: Jackets, Kurtas and more!

    Cover Image, Floral style dresses

    Florals are in and not just for women! The style which is usually pegged as feminine dressing has made inroads into male styles and we couldn’t be happier! We can’t get enough of the dashing and dapper Nehru jackets but we love all of it. Here are some of our favourites:

    Nehru Jackets

    Sharp, clean cut Nehru Jackets have been given a millennial spin with floral prints and patterns that are extremely popular nowadays. Pop one over your kurta pyjama for a whole new edge.

    Nehru Jackets


    Floral print saafas have been in for a while now but some of Sabyasachi’s styles worn as pagdis have given it an all-new twist. You can not only wrap a royal pagdi around your head but casually throw a floral print stole or saafa on to accentuate your Indianwear.



    Floral Kurtas are a great look for an easy and breezy summer wedding! You can wear a plain coloured Nehru Jacket on top for a quirky yet dapper appeal!



    Sherwanis in floral prints are the perfect way for grooms to make a statement! Especially if you have a summer wedding coming up, don a beautiful pastel floral style that is stylish and memorable.


    Dinner Jackets

    Floral Jackets

    If you’re really an adventurous dresser, then we’ve got the perfect experiment for you! Take cues from Ranveer Singh’s bold style and throw on a formal dinner jacket in floral prints. Don’t forget to send us photos!

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    Replicate the Virushka Italian wedding on a budget! We’ve got just the right ideas for you

    Cover Image

    We know that Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma have set unrealistically beautiful goals for your dream wedding and while jet setting off to Italy might be a bit too expensive, we’ve got some ideas for you that can help you glam up your wedding with #Virushka wedding inspirations.

    Floral Fantasies

    The most breathtaking aspect of the Virat-Anushka wedding was their gorgeous, natural decor, full of fresh flowers and greens. From the mandap to Anushka’s bun, the floral arrangement was on point. Now, we know that fresh Italian hydrangeas may be tough but you can replicate a full bloom with beautiful desi flowers. Simply ask your florist to create a flower wall and a thick mandap ceiling using stunning, bright Indian flowers which are gorgeous and inexpensive. You can also use fake flowers amidst fresh flowers to reduce the cost of the floral arrangements.

    Floral hangings

    Venue Vibes

    Although the wedding style was in itself quite minimal, the impact of the venue was quite beautiful due to the natural elegance of the space chosen by the couple. Rustic, natural and very secluded, the Tuscan Villa, Borgo Finocchieto was the perfect space to get married. You can also opt for a similar venue which is naturally beautiful. Our top budget recommendations would be the Neemrana Fort in Manesar, Goan Villa Coco Shambhala, Khimsar Fort in Rajasthan and finally The Lake Resort in Naukuchiatal.

    Natural and organic

    Pastels are Always In!

    What was the most distinct thing about the Virushka wedding? Pastel uniformity in colours from their outfits to decor and even accessories. With summer approaching, we think this is the perfect way to find a theme for your wedding which is reflected beautifully in your photos. Opt for designers such as Anjul Bhandari, Abhinav Mishra, Monika and Nidhii to get the perfectly priced pastel wedding styles.

    Soft pastels for everyone

    Minimal Makeup

    The most special thing about the Virushka wedding was the simplicity and natural elegance which dominated the wedding theme. Opt for simpler moments and happy smiles to be captured by your photographer. The use of minimal makeup and smaller pieces of jewellery by Anushka Sharma also added to the charm of the wedding. We’ve got some natural brides for inspiration! Our tip is yo do your makeup yourself and borrow old world jewellery from your mother or grandmother.

    Keeping it natural

    Solo Reception

    Rather than prolonging your wedding over a large number of days and spreading yourself thin for multiple functions, we recommend you go out for one big and beautiful wedding + reception. Host the ceremony followed by a reception for your friends and family. This will help you to allot your budget well and cater to all your wishes within one single day. In a sense, do the opposite of what Virat & Anushka did for their wedding reception.

    One event

    Day Weddings

    The beautiful thing about day weddings is that you don’t have to splurge on lighting and decor too much. While that adds to the beauty if you pick an outdoor venue, we highly recommend that you give this though consideration as it will add life to your photos as well.

    Calm day wedding

    Candid Photography & Video

    Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli had some gorgeous candid photos reflecting their happiness and joy which reverberated their love throughout the world. If you do choose to splurge on making memories, we recommend you spend well on a photographer who understands you and your partner’s requirements and photographs you naturally. Do your research properly and don’t be afraid to give new talent a go! Ask friends and family if they can give you a good price or recommend someone reasonable.

    Capturing real and honest moments
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    Smart picks for wedding jewellery which you can wear again!

    We know that buying and preserving jewellery is a beautiful tradition in India but many of these wonderful sets are usually put away in lockers and never seen again. We’ve got the perfect list of jewellery items which you can add to your trousseau and definitely re-use in daily wear or even otherwise.

    Solitaire ring & earring set

    If you’re looking to make an investment into an expensive piece of jewellery, we would highly recommend a set of diamond solitaires. Solitaire is a single diamond as a jewellery piece, on a ring, earrings and even a pendant. You can wear this one daily at home or at work.

    Solitaire ring & earring set
    Diamond solitaires

    Statement necklaces

    Statement necklaces are a wonderful way to wear jewellery without care. Opt for bold designs in imitation pieces which can be reworn at other functions and parties.

    Statement necklaces
    Imitation pieces

    Cocktail rings

    Cocktail rings are the perfect statement style and again, you can opt for these in real or imitation jewellery. They look stunning on a night out, whether it’s date, party or even an Indian function.

    Cocktail rings
    Style statement


    Chokers are just so in trend right now that you can’t not own one. Very wearable and very chic, you’ll find yourself using this elegant neckpiece much more often than heavy sets. Opt for a kundan choker to stay in style.

    Elegant neckpiece


    Jhumkis in real gold are such a classic! Perfect to pair with any Indian outfit whether it’s saris, lehengas or salwar kameez, this one is a perennial favourite. Invest in a pair now.

    Classic Indian earrings

    Chandelier Earrings

    Chandelier earrings are perfect for a sophisticated night out. Opt for an elegant pair of diamond chandelier earrings to last you through the ages.

    Chandelier Earrings
    Perfect earrings to last you through the ages

    Gold chain

    A simple gold chain is the perfect way to remain adorned and light through out. Put on an easy, light weight chain with a small pendant or design that you never have to take off.

    Gold chain
    Wear what you never have to take off


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    Adventure honeymoons for the fun couple

    We know that romantic destinations and exotic getaways are touted as the ideal honeymoon spots but if that isn’t up to your speed, you can always opt for a fun, adventure filled holiday! For the couples who love a little thrill and excitement during their honeymoon, here’s the best destinations for you:

    Skydiving Sweethearts

    For those who aren’t afraid of taking a huge plunge, planning a trip around skydiving is a wonderful way to spend your honeymoon. With New Zealand and Hawaii topping the charts for a scenic jump, you can plan your honeymoon to these beautiful destinations that offer a literal jaw dropping 14,000 ft dive! If you don’t want to spend a whopping sum on the international destinations, closer home, Dubai offers a beautiful skydiving experience over the Palm Jumeirah!

    Skydiving Sweethearts
    Jaw dropping dive

    Safaris for Two

    Wildlife jungle safaris are the perfect way to get a cosy holiday where you can relax in a resort and view nature first hand. With a plethora of options in India from the luxurious Taj Mahua Kothi in Bandhavgarh National Park to Ranthambore & Jim Corbett, take your pick of a wonderful drive through the wildlife! Added with campfires and picnics, these are truly a special way to spend your honeymoon. If you’ve got the dough to blow, you can even head to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya!

    Safaris for Two
    Honeymoon with wildlife!

    Scuba Diving in the Andamans

    A beautiful getaway within the Indian Ocean, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are truly a beautiful getaway for your honeymoon with a generous dose of adventure sports! You can go scuba diving in the reefs of the island or even take a boat ride to an active volcano! Explore your options with local companies once on the island as there is very little info available online. You can also go kayaking and fishing on the island!

    Scuba Diving in the Andamans
    Under the sea!


    Want to spend a week away from civilization together? Why not trek through the mountains together? Pick a beautiful trail in Himalayas of India or even Macchu Picchu to really leave everything behind. Another beautiful option is to travel to the Everest Base Camp and explore the stunning scenery of the tallest mountain in the world!

    On the top of the world!

    Arctic Adventures!

    For those who really want to turn things up a notch, head to the island of Spitbergen on the Arctic continent to see Polar Bears in their natural habitat. If it’s a glacial landscape you’re after, Iceland too has opened itself up to tourism and their waterfalls and majestic black beaches are breathtaking.If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to see the Northern Lights!

    Arctic Adventures!
    Breathtaking and ice cold!
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    The 4 Anand Karaj vows and their meaning!

    A pristine ceremony, the Sikh Anand Karaj is a wonderful way to solemnize your vows. Many couples who do not want to go in for a lengthy and long religious ceremony are opting to go in for Anand Karaj ceremonies. Beautiful, serene and peaceful, Anand Karaj consists of 4 vows between the married couple sung as hymns by the raagis in the Gurudwara. The 4 vows have great significance and here’s what they mean:

    “Har pehlaree laav par-vir-tee karam drirraaiaa bal raam jeeo.”

    The first phera or walk around the Guru Granth Sahib instructs the couple to follow the way of “Dharma” or God. It announces the commencement of the marriage ceremony with emphasis on spiritual awakening and togetherness by meditating on God’s name.

    Follow the way of “Dharma”

    “Har doojrree laav satigur purakh milaa-i-aa bal raam jeeo.”

    In the second round of pheras, the couple is urged to seek the path of the true Guru. There is emphasis on freeing the mind of fear, removing the self of ego and filling the mind and space with soulful spiritual songs of joy.

    Seek the path of true Guru

    “Har tee-jarr-ee laav man chaao bha-i-aa bai-raag-ee-aa bal raam jeeo.”

    In the third phera, the soul is said to be filled with divinity and love, by the good fortune of God. The heart and mind is filled with love for the God, invoking the couple to fulfill their destiny by contemplating on the greatness of God.

    Soul filled with divinity and love

    “Har chou-tha-rree laav man sehaj bha-i-aa har paa-i-aa bal raam jeeo.”

    The fourth and final phera implies a peace of mind and having found union with God. It proclaims the sweet and fruitful state of mind where the heart and mind is finally one with God. The bride and groom are now blessed with the grace of God to begin their life together.

    Peace of mind and union with God

    Anand Karaj literally means “Joyous Union”. The ceremony seeks to officiate two souls as one being belonging to God. The peaceful and calm ceremony performed through music is a perfect way to celebrate togetherness and union.

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    7 celebrity wedding shots to recreate for your wedding album!

    Thinking of the perfect portrait shots for your wedding album? These Bollywood celebrities have got all the perfect ideas. Whether your personal style is goofy or glamorous, we’ve got a pick of the perfect wedding poses for you to recreate.

    The Nawabi Style

    Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor looked majestic in their official wedding photo. Incidentally, Kareena recreated the look from Nawab Tiger Pataudi & Sharmila Tagore’s wedding photo, donning the same outfit her mother in law wore. Check out the two vintage looking regal photos here!

    Vintage Regal

    Royal Wedding Fever

    Keeping up to pace with the next royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, we were spellbound by the official engagement photo released by the Kensington Palace. Choose from the two beautiful photos they posted, both relaxed and intimate in their appeal. Photographer Alexi Lubomirski did a wonderful job of capturing the gorgeous engaged couple.

    Gorgeous couple

    Goofy Monkey Business

    If you’re fun and fabulous, take a cue from Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s pre-wedding photo which featured on their wedding invite as well. A series of cute, romantic yet funny photos defined the tone of the couple’s wedding and won everyone’s heart!

    Cute and funny

    Classic Happiness

    Actor Arunoday Singh and wife Lee Elton released a bunch of beautiful photos of them looking relaxed and happy at their wedding. We love the comfortable ease and natural candour of the couple in the photos. Major candid goals!

    Relaxed and happy

    Magical & Ethereal

    A magical wedding shot by the very talented Joseph Radhik, Asin’s wedding photos were simply stunning. We love the subtle romantic expressions and gorgeous decor in which the photography was carefully crafted.

    Simply stunning

    True Love

    The viral Virushka wedding was in part so enchanting because it exuded true love. The couple’s smitten glances and beautiful expressions were captured with love and we were blown away by the authenticity of their joy.

    Enchanting love

    Simple & Stunning

    Shahid & Mira Kapoor’s wedding photos were low key just as their wedding but the simply clicked photos turned out beautiful. We loved the easy elegance with which the newly wed couple charmed the media with their official photo op.

    Elegance and charm
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    Quirky Colour Coordination For Your Family’s Wedding Outfits

    Colour Me Even

    It may seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest plans make for stunning compositions! Head out and buy a bold and vibrant colour for the entire wedding party – or even a set of colours – and then let them accessorize. We promise it’ll be fun and festive, and if each person even slightly tweaks the style of their blouse, dupatta or pagdi then there will be enough to play around with.

    Colour Me Even
    Similar looks

    Coordinated Artistry

    Not one for a monochrome bridal party? Coordinate some other aspect of the attire – like the textile style and craftsmanship for example. Pick a variety of hues in Banarasi silks, or Kanjeevaram sarees – keeping the colors as varied as possible. Just the fabric, print and combinations can be enough to make for a unified family portrait.

    Coordinated Artistry
    Contrasting style

    Uniform Accents

    Start with a neutral base – a white, off white or beige – and then go crazy with the accents. If you’re looking for ways to bind together the men and women, the tried and tested method would be to match the pagdi’s to the ladies’ sarees or blouses. The pagdi functions more or less like a suit’s pocket square, and have some gorgeous colours and fabrics to give the outfit an edge.

    Uniform Accents
    Find a match

    A Little Bit Extra!

    Props? Yes please! If you don’t want to – or haven’t managed to – align the attires of the family and friends, then pick up a few simple themed props which can help liven up the frame. It can even be as simple as floral bouquets if you aren’t one for quirky signs and umbrellas; just as long as they work with the wardrobe choices.

    A Little Bit Extra!
    Themed props

    Contrasts And Colour Blocking

    While monochrome and absolute variety are both ends of the spectrum, an interesting compromise would be simply using contrasting shades to color block the frame. Dress the bride and groom in shades that stand out amongst the others, or even have the wear a solid color with accents of the bridal ensemble. Don’t forget the background against which you get photographed if you choose this option – it can make or break the picture!

    ContraContrasts And Colour Blockingsts And Colour Blocking
    Stand out amongst others
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    Sri Lanka: The next big destination for weddings!

    While Thailand has been a popular destination for weddings in the recent past, people are now favouring the beautiful and relatively unexplored Sri Lankan landscapes for their destination weddings. The beautiful beach island not only has scenic appeal but is also well priced. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking of planning your wedding outside India.

    Where to go?

    Sri Lanka has many beautiful options where you can host your wedding but where should you go? We’ve got the best options:

    • Unawatuna: A small beach town in Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is the perfect destination for a peaceful and serene wedding.
    • Kalutara: Boasting beautiful beaches, temples and natural beauty, Kalutara is great destination wedding getaway.
    • Colombo: Well connected to all parts of the world, Colombo makes for an easy yet beautiful destination for a luxury wedding.
    • Kandy: A hilly city with quite a large population, Kandy has some excellent options for a wedding.
    Best places in the island nation
    Best places in the island nation

    Wedding Venues

    Sri Lanka has many gorgeous resorts where you can host your friends and family comfortably. Here are our top picks:

    Luxury resorts to be in
    Luxury resorts to be in

    Wine & Dine

    The ideal wedding meal in Sri Lanka should be composed of fresh seafood, local beer and a relaxed vibe. Choose from a range of fresh caught fish, lobster, crab and prawn to compose a menu that reflects the local cuisine and fresh produce.

    Local cuisines for the wedding

    Photography, Video & Makeup

    It is always advisable to book your makeup artist, photographer & videographer and make them travel with you for the wedding. However, if you are looking to hire local experts, we’ve got the best options here:

    Photography, Video & Makeup

    Wedding Planners

    While you can always plan a destination wedding in Sri Lanka yourself, we strongly suggest hiring a wedding planner to smooth over the details of your big day! Check our Siritha and Our Wedding Sri Lanka for a reliable planner.

    Plan every detail of your big day


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    Wedding Jewellery Trends From Around India

    Be it a marriage ceremony in the north of the country, or deep down south – one things that does not change is the importance placed on the gold, silver and precious gems that adorn the bride. Here are 4 major jewellery traditions from four corners of the country – giving you a chance to explore traditions that are yours just as much as any other.

    Stately Studded Jadhau – Rajasthani Jewels

    Dating back thousands of years, Jadhau jewellery is a technique that developed during the Mughal era and has stayed in vogue ever since – especially in Gujarat and Rajasthan. A stunning combination of uncut diamonds, glass stones with meenakari work, gold foil and lac are nothing short of princely.

    Rooted initially in Bikaner, uncut precious and semi-precious gems – often primarily diamonds – are embedded into beaten and shaped gold with great precision, setting them into the base. To add to the embellishment, meenakari work is then painting on to the base in vibrant hues of reds, greens and violets.

    The art of Meenakari

    The raw beauty of polki’s uncut diamonds and kundan’s glass beads and semi-precious stones have not escaped the keen eye of India’s jewellery designers, and Amrapali’s collection is definitely one with the some of the most stunning examples.

    Amrapali’s Collection

    Jewels From The West – Kutchi Pachchikam

    A technique which is centuries old but has been recently brought back into the limelight, pachchikam jewels were adorned primarily by British Royalty back in the day. Owing its westernized motifs to this connection, pachchikam is practiced in Gujarat’s Kutch region and often echoes the style of Kundan jewels. The origins of the style are unknown, but there is some debate that it may have roots in the west.

    Yet another painstaking process, the goldsmith starts by crafting moulds of molten silver, followed by careful insertion of the uncut gems, glass beads and pearls. The gaps are then filled and sealed. Often the patterns that are designed are unique, as the entire process is done by hand and everything but the most commonly done patterns are hard to recreate.

    Hand crafted patterns

    Though it might not be everyone’s taste when it comes to traditional bridal wear, pachchikam’s delicate work, lustre and west-influenced designs are sure to pair up beautifully with other outfits during your wedding week. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri has a few gorgeous pieces in their collection, but we do recommend going as close to the source as possible – especially since pachchikam as a style has not yet been scooped up by the major jewellery brands in a big way. Tanishq has a few statement pieces done in the pachchikam style as well, but with a twist of royalty, grandeur and a touch of meenakari.

    Pachchikam style

    From Gods Home – Tamil Nadu Temple Jewels

    From the time of the Chola’s and Pandya’s, temple jewellery has been a sign of both royalty and divinity alike. Initially crafted with great care, the most precious of metals and gems, and stunning shine and lustre as an offering to the Gods, in later times these jewels were adorned by classical temple dancers.

    The most traditional styles are usually made of pure gold, and are set with polished diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls. In fact, temple jewellery is characterized by its contrasting reds, greens and golds – and these colours still dominate the South Indian bride’s bridal jewellery ensemble.

    South India’s royalty

    Tanishq’s Divyam, series has a fresh take on the traditional South Indian temple jewels, using fine goldwork to dominate the motifs and minimizing on the gemstones. Malabar Gold and Diamonds has a beautiful collection of these jewels as well – a collection names Divine. If you’re looking for the traditional styles though, both the gold work ones as well as the ones with other substitute metals are best when bought right from the source.

    Tanishq’s Divyam series

    Gold And Silver Filigree – Odisha’s Finest

    A technique famous to the Eastern states of India, laced filigree as embellishment for jewels and other ornamental objects is one that requires special mention. Usually a part of the wedding festivities as silver gifts and favours, filigree work in bridal jewels – especially in intricate neck pieces and bangles – can be a great way to keep the ornamentation minimal yet elaborate and full.

    Practiced extensively in Odisha, ductile precious metal – most often silver – is molten and cast into fine rods and wires, which are then shaped onto drawn patterns and gradually built upon. Completely different from other processes that involve engraving, embedding and moulding of metal blocks and gems, the finesse in the process itself lends the end product a weightless appeal.

    East India’s gems

    Tanishq’s filigree collections are mostly exclusive to their bangles section, but we have to admit the work is absolutely exquisite. Bengaluru’s Arnav Jewellers has some gorgeous pieces of filigree work as well, adding to the traditional style a little more weight and additional gemstones.

    Filigree collection


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    A complete guide to selecting audio for your wedding film

    Wedding films have become one of the most adorable ways to keep the memories of your big day all in one place, and of course, every film needs it’s perfect soundtracks. Looking for the latest trends in music to kick off the new year, here is a mix of some of the best tunes to make memories to!

    In Sync with the Beats

    To get started, you have to keep in mind that the videographer needs to blend the audio in with his footage, making it extremely important for you to choose music that fits the footage.  Transition is essential, since your wedding is sure to have a string of festivities – each with their own character.

    Mehendi and Haldi

    Ceremonies reserved traditionally only for the women of the family, audio for both should ideally reflect their sentimentality and tradition. Folk music or songs passed down generations from your family act as beautiful background scores, especially since these are the more intimate of all pre and post wedding celebrations.

    Mehendi and Haldi
    Folk songs mashup

    Some timeless traditional songs for Mehendi and Haldi can be found here:


    The sangeet makes for some lovely audio as well, especially if you have friends and family singing live. Instead of editing the video of this part of the function and reassembling it, we do suggest that you retain the dancing and celebrations with every ounce of fervour, set to the beats that were playing on site!

    Set to the beats

    For non-stop dancing, check out this ultimate energetic Sangeet play-list:

    Wedding – Baraat, Pheras and Vidai

    Depending on how you choose to utilize the shots, and how the film per se is put together, you can decide to retain a mixture of real-time audio recordings and other soundtracks for this part of the movie. While all three of these ceremonies can be rather chaotic and difficult to document and edit in their totality, it’s a good idea to choose a few tracks to bind them together – and we have a few ways below to help you pick just the right ones.

    Wedding – Baraat, Pheras and VidaiShaadi songs

    Check this back to back wedding songs playlist


    Often the reception is treated as a separate video all together, or at least as a distinct section, giving you the freedom to pick any song or mix of songs that match your personality. While the mehendi, sangeet and pheras usually exhaust the list of Bollywood music and traditional songs, the reception is a great time to cash in on memories, conversation, romance and shared nostalgia.

    The romantic hits

    A select few romantic hits to get you started!

    How to narrow down on just the right ones? While you could leave it to your videographer, it’s a good idea to give your own suggestions and requirements – after all, it’s all about you!

    Sometimes Bollywood Says It Best

    There is no doubt about it, when the wedding is in India, cinematic fervour is almost impossible to ignore. Search through lists online, CD’s and DVD’s you’ve collected over the years and scrounge up music that truly reminds you of the joy of weddings from your favourite movies.

    Remember the time you watched Simran in DDLJ smile and glow as Raj promised to whisk her away? This is your chance to live out your fairy tale big screen moment.

    The scores that we think are fresh and yet timeless?

    Kabira – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

    Two versions to choose from, each with their own character.

    London Thumakda – Queen

    For every bride who just wants to have fun!

    Din Shagna De – Jasleen Royal

    Already famous because of its wedding film debut, the song’s folksy fervour is just beautiful.

    Straight from Alia, ideal for re-recorded covers.

    6. Nach De Ne Saare

    Katrina creates magic!

    Manali Trance

    Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar & Lisa Haydon stirs up the vibe.

    Shor Shagun Shaadi

    Off Bollywood tracks to check out:

    Dhol Beats – Pappu Sain and Jhoora Sain

    Listen here

    Punjabi Folk
    Listen here

    Jai Wolf
    Listen here

    Benny Dayal feat Nucleya
    Listen here

    Kandyaari Dhol Geet
    Listen here

     Aaj mera jee karda
    Listen here

    Quirky Mish Mashes

    If pure beats and soundtracks with no lyrics are what you need for certain parts of the video, here are our favourite quirky scores.


    Go Out and Love Someone – Pogo

    Sentimentality, Memories and Moments to Relive

    If Bollywood isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d rather take the route of reliving a moment that you shared with your loved one. A song that played at the restaurant where you both first met, or lyrics that you use to get each other to smile, the song being played or your first date or the song he proposed to you with – anything with a touch of reminiscence can do the trick. Highlight the audio by using it in bits and portions at different stages of the video.

    Sometimes Bollywood Says It Best
    Timeless scores

    What’s more, you can use the upper hand – surprise your spouse with the perfect track when the wedding video is delivered to your doorstep!

    Sentimentality, Memories and Moments to Relive
    Memories attached

    Catch some unplugged hits of 2017:

    Old English Romance

    Old English classics have become a large part of our generation’s lives, especially those of us who have been introduced time and again to The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Elton John by our parents, aunts and uncles.

    The 60’s and 70’s say romance best, so here are a few select love ballads and serenades that scream eternal bonds.

    1.   I Wanna Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

    Who could say no to such a heartfelt request?

    1.   How Can I Tell You – Cat Stevens

    Love at its best, and your bride/groom to be will know it in an instant.

    1.   Time After Time – Cindy Lauper

    Timeless declarations of love for all to see.

    1.   You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/ I Just Called To Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder

    Light hearted songs for the feel-good factor.

    1.   Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John/ Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland

    A couple of undeniable classics that double up as renditions from movies as well.

    Whispered Words and Shared Humour to be Captured

    While music makes for ambience, mood and memories, another memorable route to take is recordings of conversations, songs sung by relatives and maybe even a tune or two from the wedding band!

    If you choose to have a few simple toasts as a part of your reception, coax your videographer to use parts of those as well – it’s always nice to mix it up a little bit.

    Now, the hard part is not using the audio, its recording it clear and unhindered at the first place. One way to do it is to place a tiny mic on the groom, and place a few on the tables with immediate family. Though this only works well for intimate functions with not too much movement, there are times when some really heartfelt comments are caught on tape.

    Whispered Words and Shared Humour to be Captured
    A few toasts recorded

    New Age Mashups, Singer-Song Writers and Bands in Your City

    An idea that may serve well a new-age bride who is looking to stand out and set trends, software today has made ensembles and mash-ups extremely easy to create. Just like couples have begun to ask friends to photograph the wedding so that the most candid moments are cherished forever, you can ask a musically inclined friend to record a track or two for you to use.

    Have a friend in a band or a particularly liking to someone you heard at a gig? Ask them to do it for you as a favour – chances are they won’t say no to creating for you a customized OST!

    Check this ultimate mashup of 2017

    Keeping the Setting in Mind

    If you can’t seem to decide what kind of music, then the wedding venue and theme itself can be your inspiration. Breezy, romantic numbers for a sandy seaside ceremony or old-world traditional tracks for a regal celebration are just a couple of ways in which you can make sure that your audio and film are in tow.

    Keeping the Setting in Mind
    Songs as per the wedding theme

    And if you are overwhelmed with all the song choices out there, check out this ultimate Hollywood & Bollywood Mashup:

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    7 Hilarious Bachelorette Cakes For Your Girls Night Out!

    The wedding day is definitely the biggest day of your life so far, and with all that planning and organization, a little break from the running around just before the wedding definitely helps calm the nerves. Enter the bachelorette party – the one night to let your hair down, take off your shoes, and have a no holds barred rager with the girls. With wine and other entertainment, treat yourself to one last party as a single woman, and make sure that this one counts. While you figure out the ultimate bachelorette party for yourself, here are seven bachelorette cakes are fun, quirky and just the right amount of naughty!

    Quirky Cupcakes

    We must admit that larger cakes aren’t easy to handle at every occasion. You might want to save having a big cake just for the wedding day and use cupcakes for the bachelorette instead. And why not? Cupcakes are small, convenient, require no cutting whatsoever, and make for adorable arrangements. These mouthfuls of joy – some naughty and some nice – are a great way to accessorize your bachelorette menu!

    Quirky Cupcakes
    Mouths full of joy

    Frosted Corsets

    A classy yet fun way to bring in lingerie – a corset cake definitely will guarantee a few giggles when the box is opened! Keep the colours spunky and get the baker to add on details – making it gorgeous as well as cheeky.

    Frosted Corsets
    Fun for naughty girls

    Bachelorette Barbie Cakes

    For a lot of us girls, our first and sometimes even most trustworthy friend has been the timeless Barbie doll. And we believe that it would be unfair to have a girls’ night without inviting Barbie to the party – in this case, tipsy and atop the cake!

    Bachelorette Barbie Cakes
    Barbie’s in town!

    The Only Boy Allowed

    Guy’s are a complete no-no when it comes to traditional bachelorettes, but no one ever said the cake can’t be a sizzling symbol! From little male mannequins to cakes that entirely resemble washboard abs, let your imagination run wild with this one and it will not disappoint.

    The Only Boy Allowed
    No entry zone but he’s in

    Sentenced For Life

    Dark humour is hailed by many as the best kind, and if you agree then this particular cake is going to have you in splits. Beautifully crafted and remarkably straight forward, its almost too perfect to cut into!

    Sentenced For Life
    Gonna be a prisoner

    Sisters Before Misters

    A ode to your BFFS, this cake may not be all that hilarious but it sure is a great way to pay homage to your single life – with sugar-y mini representations of you and bridesmaids.

    Sisters Before Misters
    The bridesmaids

    Spell It Out

    Sometimes words say it best, and be it a simple ‘Last Night Out’ or a more elaborate representation of an inside joke, a combination of cake toppers and frosting to write on the cake and give you the liberty to craft it beautifully and leave the humour to the words!

    Spell it out
    Last night out
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    Hacks To Drape That Saree Right!

    A garment becomes a classic when it effortlessly stays in style through the ages, being regularly reinvented by designers and trendsetters alike. The amount of respect the saree garners and how much the garment is a part of our culture is surely reflected in the fact that every region of our country has created their own version of draping the garment—almost as if paying homage to the classic.

    Yet, in today’s day and age, a lot of us have not mastered the art of tying it just right – or at least well enough to be able to carry on daily tasks without hindrance. Here is the list of how to go about the saree with a few modern twists and hacks to make your experience easier and more interesting.

    The traditional female attire – saree

    4 Checks Before You Start Draping

    1. Make sure the style you choose to drape your saree in is compatible with the material and length of the saree. For example a Mumtaz style drape works well with thin, easy flowing fabrics like chiffon.
    2. Acknowledge your saree’s USP and choose draping styles which champion it. Sarees with prominent pallus will work well with the Gujarati and lehenga style drape, while a prominent border is perfect for Mumtaz or an alternate Bengali style.
    3. Each material requires different handling – so make sure cottons are ironed, thin fabrics are starched, and you have appropriate stream-lined or heavy underskirts for different styles.
    4. Before you start, make sure your petticoat is snugly tied. If you plan to wear heels with your saree, make sure you’ve worn them before you start draping—this will give you a clear idea as to what length you want your saree to be.

      4 Checks Before You Start Draping
      Make sure you follow these

    6 Things To Keep In Mind While Draping

    1. 1.When you start tucking the saree at the waistband, bear in mind to tuck-in as much of the upper-border as you want your saree’s length to be. Once you have decided on a length, maintain it since an uneven length can make you look clumsy.
    2. If you are picky about the length of the pallu, start the draping process by deciding the long you want the pallu to be.
    3. Use the entire span of your hand while pleating, to make the measuring easier. Just like the length of the saree, the pleats need to be evenly maintained too. Well done pleats give clean, neat lines to the saree.
    4. Make sure that the side the fall of the saree is stitched on is the one at your feet. Though this may seem rather obvious, it can be a real pain if you get it wrong!
    5. Take hold of the corner from which you are going to start draping and make a knot (not too big) out of it. This will act as an anchor and keep the tucked-in layers in place and makes sure your saree doesn’t open up even if you step on it. You could also take the heft of the pleats at the waist and pin them from the inside to your petticoat.

    If you feel there is excess fabric round the waist, gently pull the fabric from the side which is covered by the saree. This will shift the excess bulk to the pallu covered side and concentrate the excess there. Now just take the excess and tuck-it in under the waist. This will visibly tighten the fit around the waist and will give the saree a fish cut look.

    6 Things To Keep In Mind While Draping
    While you tuck your saree
    1. Put a pin in it!

      1. Make sure to secure your safety pin vertically when pinning the saree at the shoulder. This makes the fabric fall better.
      2. When securing the pallu to the shoulder, never position the pin exactly on the shoulder. Rather, position your pin on your back, just slightly off/beyond the shoulder point.
      3. When you’re satisfied with the pleats and have decided on the length of pallu, before you secure it on your shoulder, put two pins, each at a different point in the span of the pallu. Remove these after you are finished draping the saree, and your pallu pleats will be intact and tidy till the end.
      4. Worried about messing up your pallu and pleats while you dance? I n a manner similar to the above step — put a pin somewhere right before the pallu ends and one at the top of the pleats, an inch or so lower than the part that is tucked in.
      5. There could be excess fabric around the hip which can make you look bulky. For a slim fish cut shape, collect the excess fabric and tuck it neatly under the pleats and, from the inside, pin it to the last few pleats.
      6. To camouflage all the pinning, used coloured pins, and no one will be the wiser!
      Put a pin in it!
      The right position for the safety pin

    A Little Inspiration From Bollywood’s Fashionistas

    Check out these videos for tips and tricks right from the horse’s mouth! Who could do it better?

  • in ,

    Bollywood Bridesmaids Who Are Killing It!

    Bollywood actresses are slowly walking to the altar themselves but they have for sure been seen as bridesmaids at their friends’ weddings over the last few years. From their impeccable style to perfect poses, here are our favourite Bollywood bridesmaids

    Sonakshi Sinha

    Sonakshi Sinha is also known to take time out for her friends’ weddings and actively participating in their big day! When it was brother Kush’s turn, Sonakshi really turned up the style quotient and partied the night away with the Sinha clan.

    Sheer Elegance

    Sonam Kapoor

    Actress Sonam Kapoor is a prominent feature at tons of weddings but we loved her personal bridesmaid style at friend Cookie Boolani’s wedding as well as cousin Mohit Marwah’s wedding. Her style is a great mix of hipster chic as well elegant Indian charm.

    The Young Fashionista

    Shraddha Kapoor

    Elegant as always, Shraddha Kapoor’s looked smashing at her best friend Eshanka Wahi’s wedding! Check out her low key, comfortable style and happy smiles that make her look like the perfect bridesmaid.

    The Style Diva

    Pernia Qureshi

    The first fashionista and stylist for Bollywood, Pernia Qureshi dazzled at best friend Masaba Gupta’s wedding. Her quirky sense of style and adventurous streak went blazingly well for the occasion.

    The Stylista

    Suhana Khan

    Starlet Suhana Khan is a celebrity in her own right, with paparazzi bombarding her every move even before she has begun her Bollywood career. SRK’s daughter looked stunning at her friend’s wedding recently where she stole the show!

    The Future Bollywood Queen

    Alia Bhatt

    From Manish Malhotra to Koëcsh by Krésha Bajaj, Alia Bhatt’s complete involvement in the ceremonies of her best friends wedding is the talk of the town this month! Keeping her ensembles minimal but full of colour, she made the perfect bridesmaid while making a statement on how simplicity can truly be stunning.

    Alia Bhatt
    The perfect bridesmaid
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    Trending Bridal Jewellery For 2018

    Like in every other area, in bridal jewellery too, trends rise and fall and (once in a while) something we loved as a little girl make comebacks! This year too certain ornaments are in vogue but it is renovation that earns a good design its popularity. While certain ornaments are back, their stylisation is no longer just traditional but an amalgamation of the old and the new. Big is beautiful too, from earrings to chunky, large gemstones, un-cut diamonds and pearls—bold statements are in. As we dissect these areas, Indian jewellery designers whose works are at par with these trends should be taken a note of.

    Renovating Royal Traditions / Polki, Kundan and Jadau

    All of the three trending precious jewels—pearls, diamonds and rubies are utilised in polki and kundan ornaments, so it is not surprising that these styles are in more demand than ever before. Since these are the most popular currently in the wedding jewellery circuit and are quite an investment, it will serve for us familiarize ourselves with these terms.

    Polki and kundan are styles in which ornaments are made and the process of making polki and kundan is known as jadau. To make kundan, gold is beaten into strips and then into a desired form and glass stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are set into this structure. Whereas polki has diamonds in their raw uncut form. Kundan has intricate designs is all about the glass stone. Polki uses diamonds in their rawest most natural form and the uncut diamonds don’t go through any treatments. This lends polki its rustic look.

    Polki was introduced in India by the Mughals whereas Kundan is a part of the Rajasthani tradition. Both surrounded by an aura of regal grandeur, fashion trends and designers have been striving to renovate the traditional.

    Renovating Royal Traditions / Polki, Kundan and Jadau
    Pearls, diamonds and rubies

    Perfect Imperfections / Trending Colours And Styles

    Solitaire diamonds, uncut and large, are definitely being used freely but designers have been experimenting and are also utilising the precious stone’s faults. Slightly tarnished and off-coloured, these gems are being called the salt and pepper diamonds. By finding beauty in imperfections, these are bringing the phrase “diamond in the rough” to life.

    As mentioned above black is creeping in. The colour is being introduced into weddings rings with the help of stones like onyx and in the form of black enamel. Since enamel is fragile, one should consider their lifestyle before investing in a ring with such accents. Innovations such as these are pushing the envelope when it comes down to jewellery trends.

    Perfect Imperfections / Trending Colours And Styles
    Salt and pepper diamond

    In Combination / Head Pieces and Chokers

    Chokers are trending in a big way and as a part of bride’s wedding ensemble, Sabyasachi inspired chokers are the hottest trend. Sabyasachi’s regal choker and mathapatti combo has brought the mathapatti and this pairing back to life! Carefully coupling stunning traditional jewellery work with bridal attires that are often just as extravagant, this particular designer has truly brought back tradition with a twist.

    In Combination / Head Pieces and Chokers
    Traditional with a twist

    Layered Pearls / Maharani Style Neck-pieces

    2018 is also inclining towards multi layers—wearing deep necked heavy necklaces of varying length and maharani style neck-pieces for a little bit extra. Merging intricate patterns of kundan with raw diamonds and strings of pearls, if chokers aren’t for you then maybe these are!

    Take it a step further with a designer who takes modern statement jewels to the next level, and check out Suhani Pittie’s creations. Inventive and contemporary, her jewellery is eclectically compiled and her chokers are definitely something to watch out for.

    Layered Pearls / Maharani Style Neck-pieces
    Eclectically compiled necklaces

    The Longer The Better / Statement Earrings

    Oversized earrings are back —chandelier and jhoomar earrings which in length brush the shoulders are in vogue. With their large jhumkas and long trails these types of designs can join the ranks of the shoulder duster earrings – making them great additions to bridal ensembles where you want to go light on the jewellery and still make a statement.

    The Longer The Better / Statement Earrings
    Oversized jhoomar styled
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    The Top 11 Wedding Comics To Laugh Your Way Through 2018!

    Weddings are fun, but they do come in with a lot of hard work, not to mention intense emotions and stress. Planning the perfect wedding can take months of effort, and sometimes even up to a year. But it’s key to learn to keep everything aside for a bit and have a good laugh. Thanks to the internet and millennial humor, the lighter note is far easier to strike today than you’d imagine. Humor is a great remedy for anxiety, and a good, hearty laugh is the ultimate stress buster – without any doubt. We’ve scoured the internet world to find you the Top Ten Wedding Memes and Comics to laugh your way through 2018.

    Wedding Fashion

    Everyone spends a bomb on looking flawless on their wedding day. If humor can’t justify the gaping hole that gorgeous gown left in your wallet, then nothing else will!

    Wedding Fashion
    Something about the dress

    Walking Into Married Life

    Switching from being in a relationship to being married is a paradigm shift. And this brings along with it a lot of lifestyle changes and adjustments. The hilarity in the (often awkward) shift has been the stuff of jokes for ages.

    Walking Into Married Life
    Your “afterlife”

    Coming Together Of All Kinds

    Bumping into exes, awkward conversations, in laws interacting with the extended family and friends, and what not! The scope for a good laugh is immense at a wedding – and its always safer to break into a smile then panic!

    Coming Together Of All Kinds
    Facing the panic

    Woes Of Planning

    Wedding planning is a very serious affair, and that is exactly why we feel you should be able to crack a joke about it every once in a while. Planning weddings these days requires a lot of sacrifice. And we all probably have a little bit of that control freak somewhere deep within us when it comes to planning our weddings. Well, then this meme is a great way to remind ourselves to take the chill pill and focus on what’s important.

     Woes Of Planning
    Keep chilling while planning

    Wedding In The Digital Age

    We’ve come a long way from traditional matrimonials to new age relationships – and of course it is essential to be as tech savvy as possible!

    Wedding In The Digital Age
    Tech savvy

    On Wedding Vows

    Talking about being in the digital age, we just can’t wait to see if the storage and retrieval of the wedding vows will soon take over the digital platform. It would be totally cool if they do manage to, but until then, spend a moment mulling over what promises are most special to you and your partner in crime.

    On Wedding Vows
    Do you promise?

    On Being A Badass Desi Diva

    Desi girls are known to pack quite the punch, so you men better keep up!

     On Being A Badass Desi Diva
    Desi fun girl

    Big Fat Indian Wedding Festivities

    What is a big fat Indian wedding without a big fat brass band in the baaraat, or a big fancy DJ spinning some sick beats at your cocktail and sangeet nights? As the fame and awe around the traditional brass bands and shehnais wane, its time to turn our heads to western hits and cheesy Bollywood numbers.

    Big Fat Indian Wedding Festivities
    Rock ‘n Roll

    Because jokes on Arranged Marriages Never Get Old

    Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but we’re in a shaadi, and we’re married baby.

    Arranged marriages are just a way of life in India. A lot have found their soulmates in arranged marriages. But the idea of not being allowed to talk to strangers until a day, and suddenly tying the knot with someone who technically is a stranger, is worth a few laughs.

    Because jokes on Arranged Marriages Never Get Old
    We’ve found your soulmate

    Just Married!

    Getting married is truly a big, big deal. And it better be. But here’s our suggestion, taking yourself more seriously than required may cause unrequired stress. Take some time to relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the moment for what it is – because for most it only happens once!

    Just Married!
    Be stress free

    Kamasutra For The Married

    Simon Rich and Farley Katz bring to us some crafty married-life humour – especially tailor made for us Indians ever so proud of our Kamasutra! From the woes of chores and routine, to making the little things count, each frame from this series is bound to have you rolling with laughter – and even more so if you’re already hitched. Catch more here.

    Kamasutra For The Married
    Married life humor
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    Perfumes That Every Bride Needs In Her Trousseau!

    Perfumes and fragrances are an essential part of any ensemble. They often get sidelined because let’s face it, a perfume doesn’t seem like a vital part of one’s get up, what with all the heavy embellished jewelry and clothes. However, with all the hundreds of guests to hug, and under the bright and warm camera flashes, sweat is bound to be a problem. Perfumes here can come to the rescue. Apart from this utilitarian purpose, a good fragrance goes a long way in furthering your overall appeal and enhancing your image. Here’s a compilation of some of the fragrances we felt suit the wedding season and you, just right.

    Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum

    This one’s for your day events. The mix of wild rose, iris, peach blossom and hyacinth combine to make a fresh floral aroma that’s got a subtle yet energetic feel to it. The perfume has a fantastic staying power as well so an application to your pulse points should be good enough to let you bloom right through the day. Also, as the name implies, it’s a great go to for a refreshing weekend outing with your husband as well!

    Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum
    Refreshing floral aroma

    Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

    Being one of the most famous fragrances from the Chanel range, this one’s worth it’s buck. The fragrance can be simply summed up as ‘classy’. The hint of the citrusy bergamot combined with the orange lends this fragrance a freshness and youthfulness. The added vanilla and warm patchouli add some body to the perfume to create a well rounded sophisticated fragrance for your day or early evening events.

    Coco Mademoiselle Chanel
    Youthfulness and classy

    Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    Though an intense fragrance is not for everyone, Euphoria makes for one such perfume that might just work for all. This exotic fragrance creates a deep and strong sensual aroma. The orchid, lotus and pomegranate make for a great and long-lasting perfume for your evening do’s and even makes for a great tag along buddy on your honeymoon.

    Euphoria by Calvin Klein
    Exotic and sensual

    Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

    Combining floral, playful fruity fragrances with a hint of muskiness, the Bright Crystal Perfume from Versace easily makes for a favourite fragrance. The magnolia, mahogany, amber and pomegranate make for a fresh yet strong fragrance that’s perfect for just about any event, a day function or even a puja.

    Versace Bright Crystal Perfume
    Fruity with muskiness

    Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose

    An embodiment of the cool and fresh sea breeze, this oceanic perfume’s fragrance brings a rejuvenating experience to your skin. It’s blended floral, musky and woody notes make for a great after wedding party fragrance.

    Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose
    Rejuvenating your skin

    Poison Christian Dior

    This dark, mysterious and elegant perfume is a legendary fragrance from the house of Dior. It’s bold woody, spicy elements and hints of fruitiness mesmerize the senses. This fragrance is bound to create an enigmatic aura around you. Wear this forbidden fruit for formal evening events and definitely carry it with you for your honeymoon.

    Poison Christian Dior
    Mesmerize your senses

    Pleats Please L’eau by Issey Miyake

    This fun and vibrant fragrance makes it a really long lasting fragrance. It’s joyful and peppy mix of pink pepper, Bulgarian rose, white musk, patchouli and white musk are perfect for a lengthy dance party.  The bottle itself is super eye catching and this perfume is a pretty good match for it’s packaging’s youthful appearance.

    Pleats Please L’eau by Issey Miyake
    A mix for a perfect dance party


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    Want To Give Back To Your Family For A Perfect Wedding? We’ve Got Just The Right Ideas For You.

    Marriage is a declaration and celebration of love to the world. The people who make up the guest list of your wedding are the ones who are important to you. They are the ones who have, in their own way, helped you along the way and you want to share this occasion with them. The return-gift the guests receive at your wedding is a symbolic gesture to show how grateful you are of their presence in your life. This being said, the gift you leave you guest with, needs to be thoughtful, and yet universal – and here are a a few ideas to help you pick!

    Say Thankyou With A Little Sliver Of Nature

    Did you know that in our culture, having a plant’s presence in a house is symbolic of wanting growth and life in your home? This being said, we realise that plants are a responsibility. In this situation, succulents are a good bet. They are are super manageable and fuss free and come in a variety of colours – each stunning, especially when paired with a cool and quirky pot!

    Say Thankyou With A Little Sliver Of Nature
    A flower pot

    Mason Jars For Every Mood

    Not only are they currently trending, mason jars have such a multipurpose appeal that we are sure any person could put them to good use. While they have an obvious storage appeal, their shape and space make them very adaptable containers! You can get quite creative while using your mason jar: You could even decorate and colour the outside surface (or keep it plain) and use the larger variety as a vase or a pitcher. In a similar manner, adding fairy lights can turn them into cute lamps. Just pack these with a variety of fillers (like chocolates, tiny wedding memorabilia and or even mithai) and you have a super handy gift ready.

    Mason Jars For Every Mood
    Colourful decorated jars

    Assorted Set Of Ittars

    Ittars have an old world charm to them. They are also stronger than any perfume or aftershave out there and come in a superb variety. While fragrances have a very subjective appeal, giving a varied but manageable set of 4-5 assorted fragrances should balance the equation. Make sure to have a good mix of variety and you have a unique gift in your hands.

    Assorted Set Of Ittars
    Mix variety of fragrance

    Pass On A Little Light

    A candle is just as useful as it is beautiful. Candles, too, come in immense variety and shapes—from large and small, to organic, to coloured, embedded or plain ones, the choices are unending—so an assorted set will work here as well.

    Pass On A Little Light
    Illuminated lives

    Goodie Bags

    With a little bit of careful thought, your gift could become an active part of their lives. Goodie bags of household knick-knacks ranging from bottle openers, coasters, mugs and fridge magnets to edibles like cookies in a well-managed quantity can come together beautifully. In addition, come up with a catchphrase, doodle or illustration to personalize the objects and make them that much more special.

    Goodie Bags
    All too special


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    Brides To Be, Netflix Series To Binge Watch Before Your Wedding

    Restless before the big day and looking for something to get your mind off it all and give you a reason to snuggle up in bed for a few hours? Kick back and sign in to Netflix – here are a few shows that are bound to entertain and maybe even give you a few wedding inspirations!

    Jane The Virgin

    An English take on Spanish telenovela’s, Jane the Virgin is as close to Indian soaps you can get from the West. Wrought with drama, suspense and constant twists in plots – all we can say is that the only thing predictable about the show is its absolute unpredictability!

    P.S. Look out for the season finales, there are some stunning weddings there and an interesting bachelorette party along the way.

    Jane The Virgin
    Western soap with Indian salt

    Cable Girls

    Strong independent woman coming together and dealing with life and relationships, Cable Girls gives you everything you need to soak up some old-world feminist power. Set in the 1920’s, the TV show is trending on Netflix thanks to the sisterhood of the protagonists, interwoven romance and drama, and of course its exceptional background scores and costume design which transports you back in time.

    Cable Girls
    Old world feminist power

    Friends From College

    For those of you who have always had a soft-corner for Friends, cried a few tears when it ended and now years later know many of the dialogues by-heart thanks to all the repeat watches – we have a replacement that might not be as good but comes very close! Taking a route that is a lot more edgy as compared to the classical Friends plot and storyline, Friends From College is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for some light-hearted tv-time.

    Friends From College
    Something like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Gilmore Girls + Gilmore Girls – A Year In The Life

    Sometimes a walk down memory lane is all we need to get our bearings right, and Netflix seems to have realized just that. After last year having seen the revival of Gilmore Girls through a four part miniseries, Netflix recently added the first seven seasons of Gilmore Girls to its repertoire.

    For those of you who have haven’t seen it before, we guarantee that its small-town charm and constant quippy dialogues will keep you cheery – and if you have seen it before then we do think it’ll be just as fun to binge watch it again. Especially since its script is nuanced and famous for its references to pop-culture, the characters will take you right back to the 90’s. There are also a few gorgeous weddings along the way, and Emily Gilmore’s sense of style and party-planning is bound it give you a few tips.

    Gilmore Girls + Gilmore Girls – A Year In The Life
    Small town girls

    Chef’s Table and Zumbo’s Just Desserts

    Year after year, reality tv shows of various kinds have become integral parts of entertainment – but even among these shows that revolve around cooking truly to come out on top. For the perfect balance of drama, competition and scrumptious food to inspire your own weddings catering choices, both Chef’s Table and Zumbo’s Just Desserts are sure to make your mouth water.

    Chef’s Table and Zumbo’s Just Desserts
    Reality show involving cooking
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    The Perfect Saafa Styles For The Grooms!


    Saafas are the crowning jewel of the groom’s attire. The most important thing about selecting your star saafa is that it should have an edge of its own and still balance-off your ensemble. For example if your sherwani is elaborate, the saafa could be subtle and soft with either a brooch or the fabric itself giving it an edge.  All the immediate male relatives and close friends don this elegant headgear but their saafas are usually simpler. Everybody, except the groom, wear the same type of saafa. The guests’ saafas are usually, of a single solid colour and simpler, without much ornamentation, when compared to the groom’s headgear.

    The crowning jewel

    Airy Tissue

    The major USP about the tissue fabric is that it is super light and compresses easily. This means a lot of fabric can be utilised and you can add a lot of twists, twirls and complexity to your turban without it ever getting too heavy to handle.

    Airy Tissue
    Too easy to handle

    The Traditionally Inspired Saafa – Rajasthan Regals

    So many stylisations already exist in our culture when it comes down to being creative with the saafa. Taking inspiration and reinventing these norms is trending—take a look at the Sabyasachi men. The Rajasthani culture has the most distinctly dissected saafa rules: on one hand, Rajputi saafas are traditionally five coloured and highly embellished while the Marwadi saafas are typically bright coloured and they prefer to use bandhej patterns instead of ornaments. A Banarasi saafa is a vivid affair. Traditionally Banarasi silk is used for the saafa and the cloth is brightly coloured with bold patterns. Chequered and floral patterns with prominent borders are a regularity.  A Marwari or Banarasi saafa will work very well if the rest of attire is underplayed.

    The Traditionally Inspired Saafa – Rajasthan Regals
    The Royal touch

    A Touch Of Ornamentation

    The sarpech is a turban ornament initially used by royalty. Today too, these add-ons instantly give a regal touch to the groom’s attire. Feathered brooches, kundan and polko ornaments, strings of pearls or crystal studs are a great way to add some jewels to match your bride!

    A Touch Of Ornamentation
    Pearls and crystals

    Going Modern With Florals And Pastels

    Tradition already holds true to the fact that floral prints work wonderfully when it comes to the saafa. A more modern touch would be to pair the floral prints with pastels, bringing out the patterns and make them pop! Pick fabrics that err less on the side of traditional bhandej  or zari and instead try mixing and matching your sherwanis with retro floral prints in unusual colours.

    Going Modern With Florals And Pastels
    Flowery with unusual colours

    Metallic Or Colour Blocked

    If you prefer simplicity but still want to add a little bling, you could opt for a plain metallic-toned fabric. A lustrous rich fabric like silk would do the trick too. On the flipside, if your wedding attire is over-the-top, a strong hued simple colour-blocked saafa will do the trick wonderfully – offsetting the print or borders on your sherwani and tying together the whole ensemble.

    Metallic Or Colour Blocked
    Simplicity in store

    White For The Win

    One key characteristic every successful saafa has, is that while it complements the groom’s attire perfectly, it also manages to stand out by being sharply different than the rest of the grooms attire. While your sherwani may be ornamental, the saafa can stand out even by jut being simply white and crisp. In contrast to the groom, you can have the rest of the baraat in coloured headgears to help bring focus on you!

    White For The Win
    Focus is on white
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    Trending Hot

    10 Stunning Wedding Invites That We Loved!


    Every wedding has a running theme to it. For some, this might be quite a literal scenario—a good example would be couples who have opted for a woodland wedding or a destination wedding. If you look at it in another way, there are also underlying themes: whether it is an informal or formal function? Is it an intimate affair or a big fat Indian wedding?  This being said, an invite is the first thing every person who you want in attendance receives, and these set a tone for the wedding.

    Here are 10 wedding invites that made us fall in love – each crafted to stunningly that they become keepsa

    Flower Power

    Flowers are the most adaptable motifs ever. You could use them sparsely and create a minimal effect or go all out with tones and shades that scream celebration and use them as an excuse unleash a riot of happy colours!

    Flower Power
    Blossoms everywhere

    Road Map To Love

    This idea works wonderfully for destination weddings, if the bride and groom belong to from different parts of the world or even if you have a love story that took you places! If it’s a destination wedding, the invite could elucidate where exactly the wedding takes place. If your wedding has many location, the invite could have a map of directions enclosed. Maps could also illustrate the bride-groom’s journey—for example it could show us where they first met or it could literally geographically map-out the place where they fell in love?

    Road Map To Love
    Route to the wedding paradise


    If your shaadi is a big fat elaborate affair with an equally extravagant guest list and you need to RSVP immediately, it is best to show your seriousness via a very clear and detailed invite. An invite which has many part or is in the form of a booklet works well as it clearly segregates and states the information – not to mention a lot more space for creative additions!

    Clear and detailed

    Tongue and Cheek Caricatures

    Make the invites look super fun, happy and give a very relaxed celebratory feel by opting to use to cartoons and caricatures. Humorous and quirky with just the right amount of modern thrown in, here are a couple to get you started.

    Tongue and Cheek Caricatures
    A little pun intended

    Say It With Lace

    Lace effortlessly exude a graceful charm. They are also great if you want to keep things minimal and clean and refined – like this stunner that uses lace just to accent the brown paper card.

    Say It With Lace
    A graceful invite

    Kirigami Paper Cuts

    Intricately laser-cut invites give an oppulent and ornamental start to your wedding celebrations, and you can even choose to carve in tiny details to tell your own story!

    Kirigami Paper Cuts
    Simply ornamental

    Oldworldly Yet Timeless

    The usage of old worldly Hindustani paintings gives this particular invite an edge. It is cultured, artful and sophisticated – yet stands out from the norm.

    Oldworldly Yet Timeless
    Display the ancient art


    Invites with photographs of the Jodi-to-be, lends a very intimate and romantic ambience. Bipasha Basu and Karan Grover’s invites are a perfect example – modern clean cut design with just a touch of celebratory fun.

    Photo album of the couple

    Pop Up Cards!

    Pop-ups take us back to the simpler days of childhood and storybooks. These paired with illustrations and bright colours are a light-hearted way to go about things. Inspired from the story book format, here’s your chance to tell the worl yours!

    Pop Up Cards!
    The Storybook Style

    Leaving Behind Tradition For The New Age

    This may not be the really traditional or classic way to go about things and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But: what is one person’s new age is another person’s classic. If you prefer a no-fuss, informal and simple style, a straight forward invite with colloquial-ness might suit your style. Being the millennial age, this is quite the trending idea.

    Leaving Behind Tradition For The New Age
    21st century invite
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    The Pantone 2018 Colour Is Out! Use It Well At Your Wedding

    The elected oracle-equivalent for colour, Pantone, has spoken and has revealed to us that the colour which best defines the year 2018 is Ultraviolet. Pantone’s choices have risen to a stature respected by all and for good reason. Their colour of the year is not just a trend— it is symbolic of the direction in which the world is moving and it reflects a current mood of the society.

    Complex, contemplative, individualistic, nuanced, unconventional, ingenious and unique are some of the sentiments Pantone has used to describe Ultraviolet.

    If we are choosing to follow in the footsteps of Pantone, we must follow them in full knowledge. Ultraviolet is a bold colour and should be used in a thoughtful, creative, selective, and careful manner. This being said, Ultraviolet is a team player and works wonderfully when paired with elements and in combinations! To paraphrase Pantone, sky is the limit when it comes to this colour and here are a few of the many ways you can utilize this colour at you wedding.

    Color of the year

    Flower Arrangements

    Flowers are one of the most adaptable additions to a wedding ensemble. From the wonderful winter roses which are now accessible in a variety of colours and accents, from blue and violets to even—you guessed it—ultraviolet – to orchids and chrysanthemums with violet accents, there is quite a variety to choose from. Other slightly exotic or off-beat flowers which work well with ultraviolet are lilies, dahlias, tulips, peonies, bougainvillea and sunflowers. Here are some combinations you can try when it comes to flower arrangements.

    Winter Bouquets

    Since ultraviolet is a team player you could take it to the next level by adding a lot of muted tones and subtle variation. Look out for flowers with colours like mauve, deep purples, lilacs, accented pinks. A violet rose, fillers like interesting leaves, wild lilac chrysanthemums and an off-beat basil flowers – each one can have a part to play.

    A Play Of Contrasts

    While the conventional way to go about this would be to pair the ultraviolet with a white but instead, pair ultraviolet with a colour from the opposite side of the colour-wheel – a stunning yellow ochre for example. The colours of the passion flower can be a great inspiration!


    Using a single type of flower in ultraviolet, as a bunch or a singlet can also work.

    You could use these combinations in other manners too: string them up to create a curtain or streamers to accent other aspects of the décor. Lastly, the traditions of throwing flower petals at the happy couple as the mangal sutra is tied is another great way to incorporate a little ultraviolet, mixed up with yellow and orange marigold.

    Flower Arrangements
    Natural fragrance

    Décor / Furnishing, Linens and Accessories

    Use colour blocking selectively: choose a few items and make them a solid ultraviolet colour. Now choose a neutral colour like white and alternate! An ultraviolet tablecloth with white chairs and napkins for example. Add dip dyed candles in the same combination while the cutlery could be of a pleasant pastel colour and viola! – you have yourself a splash of 2018’s pantone in your wedding.

    You can even have accents of ultraviolet by adding purely decorative objects – especially when it comes to décor that is more eclectic and modern, with knick-knacks, plaques and quirky additions.

    Décor / Furnishing, Linens and Accessories
    Decorative objects


    Edible Ultraviolet

    The world of fruits, vegetables and flavour is rich with variety when it comes to the hues of ultraviolet. From a purple cabbage salad to a plum cake, just by tweaking these edibles slightly, you can relish the hue!

    From blueberries, blackberries to plums and currants, their sweet and sour tastes, are a lovely way to introduce the colour through desserts and drinks.

    You could also use edible flowers and food colouring for a unique presentation. These two options are a great way to combine flavour, colour and presentation.

    Edible Ultraviolet
    Paint your appetite ultra-violet


    Pantone mentions how purple toned lighting in places of gathering inspires synergy and activity, evoking positivity. Keeping this in mind, lighting is one place where ultraviolet can have its ultimate moment. Introduce an ultraviolet ambience which will engulf the crowd in the most outwardly celebratory moment in the wedding—the dance floor!

    Additionally, you could use contrasting colours in the décor. For example have gamboge and saffron toned flowers (like calla lilies wall decoration). Or add hints of rust in the lighting here and there. This will balance out light and makes sure the décor holds its own when the party takes over.

    Shine bright

    Wedding Ensemble

    The Dress Itself

    You could be unconventional and sporting by donning an ensemble with shades and tones of ultraviolet. But if your ensemble has one or two carefully created elements with a strong presence of the colour, it gives ultraviolet a moment to shine. Bead-work and embroidery is another option for accents.

    Ornaments and Accessories

    A finely made maang tikka or brooch which holds its presence would give an edge like no other. The stones which fit the bill most aptly would of course be the amethyst. But since you need to amp-up the glamour at an Indian wedding, you can pair the colour of the moment with pearls and diamonds – and emerald, rubies and jade for contrast and compliments.

    Last but not least, flowers in the hair. You could be delicate here and add gajras or string flowers with your hair –  or be completely out there by sporting a headdress or head band featuring the glowing pantone!

    Wedding Ensemble
    Color of your attire


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    The Top 10 Lippers This Season For Brides!

    A bride has to be ready for any occasion. From morning ceremonies and family luncheons to evening parties and dinners, a bride must be prepared and so must her lips. This lipstick squad is made to provide answers to every mood and occasion that may arise. Here are 10 lippers that will brighten your day effortlessly and make your life (as a bride especially) much easier:

    1. Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick

    If you’re a bold one, this lip-colour is the way to go/ spot on. The great thing about this colour is, the shade of your dress or your complexion doesn’t matter, all that you need is to put your trust in red and it will be your confidence. Once you put the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer+ Matte Lipstick, your game face is on and you are good to go. Besides, if you are building your lipstick-shade-card, this is a must have in your arsenal. The best part about it? It lasts for 12 long hours! We can assure you, a touch of this baby is all you need is to spruce up any outfit or any look!

     Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick
    Red means game on

    2. Neutral Nudes From Maybelline

    Natural is in and nothing under-plays more beautifully than nude shades. It’s like nobody else knows they are there but these shades complete you!

    There are multitudes of shades available, you just need to find the right one for your complexion and Maybeline’s Neutral nudes are here to help you!

    Nude shades on your lips subtly amplify a lot of things: from your complexion, to your hair colour or the colour of your eyes—they bring these out with ease and class. A classic combination would be that of a smoky-eyed late night party look paired with nude-shaded lips!

    Neutral Nudes From Maybelline
    Just the way you are

    3. MAC Mocha

    Now a brown shade is must have because it is completely multipurpose. It will make your lips stand out but is also complimentary. It’s easy to wear since it’s not too demanding. It’s an easy going colour, so when in doubt, go mocha.

    One of MAC’s best sellers, MAC mocha has a lovely warm but blush-zingy brown shade and looks absolutely classy. What lends this product even more class and brownie points is that it doesn’t bleed, lasts perfectly up to 5 hours and has a buttery texture! If brown suits you, every look and colour is doable.

    MAC Mocha
    Absolutely classy

    4. Lakme Absolute Matte Peach Carnation

    Brown and peachy is Lakme Absolute Matte Peach Carnation. Again, very easy to wear and since it’s a touch more than nude, it is great to make you look dressy. For example, it will work perfectly for a day out shopping or a casual date as it will instantly and easily brighten your look! And yes, it works for every complexion and really suits the Indian skin tones.

     Lakme Absolute Matte Peach Carnation
    Peachy for a perfect look

    5. Maybelline Super Stay – Coral

    This super worker bee lipstick has a runtime of 14 hours! Really good for occasions like weddings—it’s a bridal must have. Another reason it goes well with occasions and ceremonies is that it’s a bright and vibrant colour with a gold shimmer finish but is also matte. Awesome for all parts of the day wear—it’ll work from dusk till dawn.

    Maybelline Super Stay – Coral
    A day long wear

    6. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick- 335 Carmin St Germain

    If maybe red seems too bright, try its sister colour maroon? L’Oreal’s gorgeous Deep Maroon looks naturally bold on any Indian skin tone and is enriched with Vitamin E which prevents lips from drying and keeps them soft and supple.

    L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick- 335 Carmin St Germain
    Something for every skin

    7. NYX Wrath

    A warm, strong copper with a metallic finish sounds perfect to make you look ready for a sharp go-getter mood. Whether it’s for evening parties and functions or for a formal dinner with clients, this finish puts you in a position of strength. It has a smooth appeal and a rich brown pigment as its base—just enough to knock them dead.

     NYX Wrath
    Going all metallic

    8. Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick In Stormy Pink

    You never know when you might need a little pink in your life. You may not be girly girl, but this shade might just be it to complete your happy look! Plus it’s not too pink – it has a bright pink demeanour but with blue undertones. Apply a nourishing lip balm base to keep your lips from drying and you are good to go. It stays long and strong—leaving a pink tint even as it fades.

    Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick In Stormy Pink
    Pink may not be too girly

    9. Maybelline Colorsensational, Hooked On Pink

    This ruby pink has its appeal in its creamy, milky tone!

    Apart from this, Maybelline Colorsensational’s Hooked on pink is also imbibed with honey nectar which leaves your lips with a glamorous and shiny finish—no need for a gloss when you have honey nectar around.

    Maybelline Colorsensational, Hooked On Pink
    Hooked on pink

    10. Lakme Absolute Crème Sheer Berry

    When you are not in the mood for hard-hitting reds or pinks, try a berry toned kiss from Lakme’s Absolute crème lipsticks’ Sheer Berry. The hints of mauve along with no shimmer and no shine is what sets this tone apart and adds depth and maturity to the shade. It is also a self-moisturizing lipstick with a long stay.

    Perfect for the big-girl in you—strong willed and ready to take on the world.

     Lakme Absolute Crème Sheer Berry
    Colour your lips with berries
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    Top 10 Floral Hair Styles For Your Mehendi!

    floral cover

    Every bride needs a perfect hairstyle that ties together their ensemble for the various wedding ceremonies, perfectly complementing each outfit. We bet you’ve spent days on figuring out which lehenga, dupatta, jewels and heels you will wear to your mehendi, but your hairstyle matters just as much! Be it a simple braid or an elaborate bun, here are some beautiful hairdos that’ll emphasize your mehendi look with very little effort.

    1. Messy Fishtail Braid

    It never goes wrong with flowers and a simple loose fishtail braid. Decorate your loose braid with tiny flowers to match your attire, or keep it simple with white and yellow daisies which will complement your jewellery. You can even turn your side locks into loose curls and carry your braid on one side. To complete the look, wear a heavy mangtika or matha patti that goes with your outfit. It’s the perfect in-between of casual and dressy!

    Messy Fishtail Braid
    Go fishy

    2. Traditional Gajra Braid

    Looking to err on the side of tradition? Weave your hair into a tight braid, lining it with gajra all the way to the tip. The heavenly smell of mogra flowers never go out of fashion and its white colour would form a beautiful contrast with your traditional outfit. Accessorise with real Flower Maang tika and let the refreshing fragrance of your mehendi and mogra linger all around you.

    Traditional Gajra Braid
    Style it in desi

    3. Side braids and Flower Bun

    Buns are a saviour when you cannot handle loose hair; thank us later for rescuing you from the distracting strands. Loosely braid your hair from the sides and tie them together at the back. Then roll it upwards and roll them together to create a flower. Embellish your braids and low flower bun with tiny flowers and there you go brides, you have your very own tiara! Plus point, it will not loosen or fall for the entire length of the ceremony.

    Side braids and Flower Bun
    Hair bun from the sides

    4. Wavy hair with Real Flower Tiara

    Modern, a little retro with a touch of funk, let your hair open and adorn a floral crown! Brought into the fore by Bipasha Basu this year, string together your favourite flowers and wear your very own tiara. If you’re looking to spice it up a step further, add temporary highlights to match your ensemble. The throne of the Queen awaits, but the days of being a princess are still not over, so enjoy!

    Wavy hair with Real Flower Tiara
    Crown for the princess

    5. Side Swept Curls

    Part your hair sideways and curl them about two-thirds from the tip. Use a few bobby pins or a decorative slider to keep them tucked together. Clip a bunch of sweet smelling roses or lilies on either in the back or off-centre, and you’re done!

    Side Swept Curls
    Curl ’em up

    6. Middle-Parted Twisted Bun

    Part your hair and elegantly twist the side locks, tying them together at the back of your head. Make a low bun out of the loose hair and wear a gajra around it. Pair with large and dressy jhumkhas to complete the look.

    Middle-Parted Twisted Bun
    Elegantly twisted

    7. French Braid Studded With Flowers

    A puffy French braid is simple and graceful. Tuck small Jasmine flowers in every knot to bring the best of the hairdo. Easy to handle and a sure way to keep your locks out of your eyes and face, if you have long hair then we definitely recommend this hair-do to leave you free and unhindered for your mehendi.

    8. Rosy Ringlet Bun

    Nothing goes wrong when you decide to wear roses in your hair. Tie your hair into a ponytail and roll all the hair into it to form a bunch of ringlets. Decorate your bun with some roses to add a splash of colour.

    Rosy Ringlet Bun
    Roses make it lovely

    9. Low Messy Bun

    Help yourself with a low messy bun and a few loose hair strands to get a hot and sexy look. Decorate your bun with wax or jewelled flowers on bobby pins, keeping the hairdo fool-proof but gorgeous!

    Low Messy Bun
    Hot and sexy look

    10. Open Soft Curls

    Leave the hair simple and let the flower do all the work! It may seem a tad too casual, but leaving your hair loose and complementing it with a large flower with vibrant hues tucked behind your ear can also do the trick. Considering an ensemble that is jewel heavy, test this style in front of the mirror and see if it works for you before diving into elaborate curls and braids.

    Open Soft Curls
    Loose, soft and gorgeous
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    The Wedding Games: From Ancient India to Now

    Wedding Games: From Ancient India to Now

    Indian weddings are undoubtedly a lavish affair, from the numerous guests the families must entertain to bearing the brunt of organizing the whole event to a picture-perfect scene can exhaust anybody out of their minds. As weddings become more and more extravagant, a whole plethora of incredibly fun and light-hearted Indian rituals and customs come to the rescue. In a country as diverse as ours, certain rituals have not remained isolated to their original cultures, and have infused into the wedding traditions of several other states as well. Here are some of the most well-known rituals we have gathered for you-

    Let The Games Begin With A Little Bit Of Mystery

    Tests Of Persistence!

    Keeping in toe with the tradition of the bride’s uncles and cousins hoisting her into the air and making it harder and harder for the groom to reach her with the mala, untying a sacred red thread tied is just our way to find out which of the two will be boss! Most often played by using only one hand each, the bride and groom are expected to untie the knot on the others wrist – deeming the winner the one who will call all the shots in their relationship.

    Mehendi Mazes

    Another age-old tradition is for the groom to hunt out his own name (on initials) in the maze of mehendi on the bride’s palms and forearms.

    Mehendi Mazes
    Hide and seek

    Towards the South – The Runaway Groom And Others

    A Playful Change Of Heart

    In “Kasi Yaatrai” of Tamil weddings, the groom performs a skit, pretending that he has had a sudden change of heart and would rather become a “sanyasi” and therefore cannot be married. The bride’s father has to convince him of the virtues of married life to bring him back to marry his daughter.

    Going Coconuts

    In another game, “Thengai Uruturathu” after the couple is officially married they sit about ten feet apart and roll a coconut in each other’s direction. The goal of another game is to get the fruit to collide mid-way. If they do it well, the coconuts could break when they hit—a sure-shot sign of a long and happy marriage.

    Going Coconuts
    Collision of hearts

    Up North – Treasure Hunts

    Shoes For A Fee

    ‘Joota Chupai’ or ‘Joota Chori’ literally translates to ‘hiding the shoes’. The bride and the groom are initially asked to remove their shoes before stepping inside the mandap’ where the wedding ceremony takes place and must leave the mandap only with the same pair of shoes. During this time, the bride’s sisters steal the groom’s shoes and hold them ransom for a handsome fee.

    In Search Of Precious Rings

    Yet another wedding game which is seen in the north frequently is a hunt for the rings! The couple is presented with a big bowl filled with milk, turmeric, rose petals and their wedding rings. The couple must find these rings and whoever finds both first is said to have the upper hand in the marriage. Several little nuts and small metallic things to throw them off are also added to the silver bowl, making this quite a worthy challenge.

    In Search Of Precious Rings
    Your ring, my ring

    Rare Parsi Traditions

    Bargains And Ransoms

    In the Parsi wedding ritual “Haath Boravanu”, the groom is made to immerse his hands in water and not allowed to take them out unless of course he pays a ransom! The bride’s sisters are the recipients of the bounty in this game as well. Once they get gifts from the groom, he is free to remove his hands from the water

    Throwing Rice

    In “Ara Antar”, the bride and the groom are given cups of rice and made to sit in front of each other with a cloth held up between them. A priest circles them seven times and when he stops, the bride and the groom are expected to throw the rice over the curtain to the other side. Whoever does it first is said to rule in the marriage!

    Rare Parsi Traditions
    Game of grains

    Looking East

    Seven Circles

    In Bengal, the Saat Paak is a ritual that involves the bride being lifted on wooden stool by her brothers and carried around the groom. As they complete seven circles, it is said that the bride and groom are now tightly bound together – in love and life!

    Seven Circles
    Saat Paak

    Fishy Traditions

    Wedding rituals in Manipur are incomplete till a pair of taki fish are released in a pond. It is usually done by a female member one from either of the bride’s and groom’s side. They symbolize the bride and the groom and it is considered a good omen if the fish swim alongside one another.

    Fishy Traditions
    Swim along my side
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    Trending Hot

    Handmade Shagun Envelops For the Bride and Groom


    Everybody has memories attached to the weddings they have attended when they were little. Whether, as a kid, you were dragged to weddings or went to them excitedly, there are many things that leave a lasting impression when reminiscing weddings.  Is it the buffet food system, running around an army of chairs or the mandatory family picture with the bride-groom which comes to your mind? Possibly all of these but, another aspect of weddings which seems mandatory from an attendee’s point of view, are the shagun envelopes!

    Do the plain multitudes of shagun envelopes come to your mind? They all looked the same and you could never tell whether the envelope is from a dear friend or a distant relative. Well, this is your chance to do it a little differently—especially if the bride and groom hold a special place in your heart!

    So here are a few ways to decorate simple shagun envelopes.

    Paper Quilling Swirls

    Quilling is one technique which never goes out of style and is pretty economic and easy to do. You could decorate your envelopes with simple floral or kalash patterns or try an elaborate innovative pattern of your own. You can even fuse simple patterns side-by-side to make it elaborate.

    Paper Quilling Swirls

    Gleam and Glitter

    Glitter and shimmer go hand in hand with weddings and so the same applies to shagun envelopes. You can make delicate patterns or solid blocks of colours and don’t forget the variety of colours glitters comes in! You can mix several colours to fuse them into one too, giving a multi-coloured shimmer to your final product.

    Gleam and Glitter

    Lace, Pearls and Ribbons

    Laces are another quick-fix solution to spruce up the plain envelope and these come in a great variety too! According to the size of the envelope and you can take a patterned lace and cover the entire envelope. You could also cut up a lace pattern and keep the frill to a minimum or take a line of lace and decorate the edge. Patterns can also be created with a single line of lace.

    Lace, Pearls and Ribbons

    Golden Trims

    If you’re going to a Royal Rajasthani wedding then you must know that the women of that land have a great affection for Gota Patti. Credit some time in ornamenting a red envelope with this beautiful shiny lace. You can make a simple flower or else you can also cover the whole envelope with it to form a design.

    Golden Trims
    Gota patti style

    Tissue, Crepe And Silk

    Covering the cloth in a beautiful fabric is an innovative way to make you envelope stand out. A rich fabric like silk or tissue is just what is needed to give the envelope a touch of royalty and glamour. You could use dupattas or old sarees to do the lining and a pattern—like a simple chequered design could be added as a finishing touch!

    if you’re feeling minimalist, a brooch could be used to seal the envelope too.

    Tissue, Crepe And Silk
    Fine fabric

    Satin Bows

    Elegant, classy and simple, ribbons are a great way to go. A simple, sweet satin ribbon—tied into a firm bow around the mouth of your envelope—is your crisp envelope’s better half.

    Satin Bows
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    Dessert Buffets At Weddings? Yes Please.

    Dessert Buffets At Weddings? Yes Please

    Food is something we all love about marriages and there’s always that perfect cherry to top the scrumptious meal – desserts! For all of you with a sweet-tooth, who have spent meal after meal in your life waiting for the ice-cream, rasgulla or chocolate which comes right after – the dessert menu at your wedding is your chance to go a little crazy!

    Make Your Own Sundae!

    Perfect for summer weddings, take your typical scoops of ice cream after the meal up a notch and set up a DIY sundae buffet. Make sure you have a little fun with it, and even if you choose to keep the flavours simple and classic, play around with the toppings and sauces to give your guests a chance to custom make their dessert.

    Make Your Own Sundae!
    Mix as you like

    Cheesecake And Pastry Bar

    Cake cravings a part of your midnights now and then? Indulge in a careful selection of pastries and cheesecakes. Keep it simple, two or three flavours which complement one another – chocolate truffles and blueberry cheesecake for example. Also make sure you keep the sizes small, we’re sure the guests will want a taste of more than one!

    Cheesecake And Pastry Bar
    Cake cravings

    A Cookie Counter

    A little snack after a good dance is a must. Cookies would be perfect for the children as well, and they don’t necessarily have to be reserved for after the meals. Have a selection of the classic chocolate chip, desi buttery bakes and a few with jams and cream for the hardcore sugar-lovers!

    A Cookie Counter
    Perfect eatery for kids

    A Pie and Doughnut Station

    Ideal for those of you who are looking for something fun and different, the increase in doughnut chains across the country assure that your guests will love a chance to indulge in the sugary treats. Again, make sure you keep the option of mini-doughnuts and pie slices – the whole joy of a dessert buffet is being able to try a little bit of everything!

    A Pie and Doughnut Station
    Sugary treat

    A Gulab Jamun, Jalebi And Ras Malai Counter

    Classic, absolutely Indian, and a definite crowd pleaser, keep it simple with a unlimited supply of Gulab Jamun, Jalebi and Ras Malai for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    A Gulab Jamun, Jalebi And Ras Malai Counter
    Desi dessert

    A Chocolate And Candy Stall

    Bring back the child in you, with a spread of candies and chocolates ranging from the Cola and Orange hard candies of the yester-years to gourmet options for the refined palettes and the adventurous.

    A Chocolate And Candy Stall
    Delights for Children

    A Bengali Sweet Counter

    India is a vast country with different tastes, and we love it! Famous for its flavours, delicatessens and variety, everyone who loves sweets is bound to have a favourite when it comes to Bengali sweets.

    A Bengali Sweet Counter
    Sweets of Bengal

    Cupcakes Of Every Kind

    A dessert which has been tailormade to be served in numbers and at buffets, cupcakes topped with cream, fruits and sprinkles are impossible to resist by all. Pair them with some roasted marshmallows to make your guests happier.

    Cupcakes Of Every Kind
    The irresistible dessert option

    Something to Drink?

    A perfect addition to a summer wedding menu, match the dessert buffet with a milkshake and lassi counter. In fact, a simple hot chocolate and coffee bar would go great for colder weathers a well – especially if its paired with cookies, cupcakes or doughnuts!

    Something to Drink?
    Liquid refreshments
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    Deepika Padukone in Padmaavat gives every bride major style goals for 2018!

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali films have of late been the stuff of fantasy. Filmed in a ginormous scale with elaborate production (dramatic sets, and lavish costumes), each SLB film in the past three years has served in some way or the other, as inspiration for wedding themes. Padmaavat has been on the front page of newspapers across the country for quite some time now. Everything aside, the brilliant costumes and jewelry have ensured that the film stays on the top of our mind too. Here are the top design inspirations of Deepika as a trend defining Rajasthani Queen.

    The Bridal Poshaak

    The Padmaavat film featured a trousseau designed by Rimple & Harpreet Narula, who have done a tremendous job of creating intricate, royal Rajasthani poshaaks that Deepika Padukone carries with the easy elegance of Friday casuals. The traditional style of wearing the dupatta across the torso with the gorgeous jewellery is a major trend for 2018.

    The Big Picture
    All elements together

    It’s All About Layers

    Taking cues from Deepika in Padmaavat, we have learnt a trick or two about putting together an outfit, and we can condense it into one maxim – more can often be just right when it comes to such occasions. Layer ghaghras and odhnis to create a regal appearance. Combine two separate odhnis, or wear a jacket over a choli to give your ensemble weight. This is a perfect trick to keeping warm if you’re tying the knot in the winter as well!

    It’s All About Layers
    Putting together

    More Power To The Brow!

    Gone are the days of slender pencil line eyebrows. It is time to make way for the Power Brow – full eyebrows that frame the eyes. Cut down on the tweezing and threading and embrace the natural contours of your brow line. Of course, you don’t have to go all out and draw in a unibrow like the one Deepika sports in the film, but fill in for increased volume, and let those brows work wonders with kohl lined eyes.

    More Power To The Brow!
    Embrace the natural contour

    The re-invention of Gota

    Deepika wears traditionally heavy costumes in the film, typical to the styles of a ‘rani’. Amongst other embroidery, the use of Gota stands out. The gota has been re-invented away from its floral use in borders and used all over the garment in geometric and delicate patterns. You can use this style to add dimension and depth to your dupattas! Designer Sukriti & Aakriti have worked with gota in this contemporary fashion and you can choose a style from their store.

    The re-invention of Gota
    Styles of a Queen

    The Coin Haar

    While chokers have been around for a while, Deepika has really pulled off the massive traditional ‘haar’ with the additional detail of large coin like ‘tiklis’ at the end. From using small framed photos of gods to intricate pendants, we love the look in entirety. The main design difference is that instead of a central pendant, there are multiple large pendants across the length of the sprawling haar.

    The Coin Haar
    Multiple large pendant

    Borli Magic

    A lot of brides have been taking steps back from heavy ornaments, but sometimes it can really be your way of being a princess for a day!

    Set in medieval Rajputana, the story of the film Padmaavat requires to be told keeping in mind the regalia of royalty back then. Deepika and her jewelry in the film is major style goals for us. Not deviating an inch from traditional patterns and combinations, Deepika rocks Rajasthani jewelry like nobody has ever before – on screen at least. Throughout the film, Deepika is seen in different costumes, but always with a full set of traditional jewelry.

    From a Borla (maangtika) for your head and the stunning Aad choker necklace, to the elaborate Rajasthani Naths and Chunky Baajubandhs, traditional jewelry pieces certainly have a charm of their own. For events like sangeet and the reception, avoid the bulkier pieces and instead play with combinations of a chaandbaali (moon shaped earring), a statement haathphool, or just a nice standout bichuwa.

    Do Not Shy Away From Jewelry
    Ornaments for regal look

    Attitude Over All

    Having said so much about Deepika’s costumes and styling for the film, it would be unfair to go without mentioning the strength of the character she portrays. From the several stills and promotional videos of the film, we know for certain that Deepika is playing the role of Rani Padmaavati – a strong queen, and devoted wife who will go to any length to maintain the repute of her kingdom and the sanctity of her marriage. The trailers are meant to give you goosebumps and why not? The one word that would describe the entire character of Padmaavati would be, Fierce. And wearing a strong attitude is definitely what makes you stand out in any crowd!

    Attitude Over All
    Strength of the character

    Check out the Deepika Padukone rocking the look of Rani Padmavati in all her glory in the trailer for the film!

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    Haute Couture That Won’t Kill You!


    Whether you’re planning your wedding on a strict budget or you have no qualms about going all out and splurging, a good bargain is never worth letting go. Of course, while selecting your outfits for the wedding, letting price come in the way of purchasing your dream lehenga or gown would be just unfair. More often than not, the battle of wishes against the wallet can leave one very confused and sometimes, even in utter despair.

    But you don’t have to worry so much anymore. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite wedding designers whose prices will not burn a hole in your pocket. These five designers have been regular features at fashion weeks and have dressed the who’s who of showbiz on countless occasion, apart from being trusted choices for brides to be. Here are our best picks if you’re looking for Haute Couture within a 5 Lakh Rupees budget.

    Anushree Reddy

    Picture this, the pomp and glitz of an Indian wedding meets the fairytale fantasy of Disney. Well, that’s exactly what we are thinking when we see the charming creations of Anushree Reddy. Look like an absolute princess in these Haute wedding lehengas that are dreamlike. Pastel hues and shimmery sequins and flawless silhouettes fit for a princess straight out of a movie. There’s something so fresh and young about Anushree Reddy’s creations that make us believe that one can truly stay young forever.

    Anushree Reddy
    Dream like

    Ashima Leena

    A very senior figure in the Indian fashion industry, Ashima Leena’s work is proof that classical designs are timeless. Each creation pays homage to the tradition of fine craftsmanship in the country. Be it Banarasi brocades or meticulously worked zardozi, each Ashima Leena creation is a seamless merger of multiple traditions. The pairing of rich silks with soft chiffons, or prints with embroidery, and many such combinations create such brilliant visuals. Apart from just lehengas, also keep an eye out for suits and dresses that can be worn for other wedding events as well.

    Ashima Leena

    Ritu Kumar

    A fashion week staple, Ritu Kumar is one of those traditionalists who still manages to really twist up the ordinary with a very modern flair. We love the clean cuts and sophisticated silhouettes. Oftentimes they say, with simplicity comes effortless style. All of that applies for Ritu Kumar’s work. Look like a timeless diva with all the sophisticated elegance in these creations by Ritu Kumar, and that too without causing serious damage to the wallet.

    Ritu Kumar
    Modern twist

    Anita Dongre

    Anita Dongre is best known for her trademark silhouettes that reflect the traditional costumery of Indian royalty, adapted to match the smartness of the 21st century bride. Look out for the ever so popular gota patti work that Anita Dongre uses to maximum effect. These are garments that are worthy of being preserved as heirlooms. Although the garments are a tribute to tradition, they are most suited for the modern bride because of the subtlety with which the work is executed.

    Anita Dongre
    Reflection of traditional and modern

    Suneet Verma

    Could there be an avant garde in wedding couture? Definitely, and Suneet Verma shows you how. From feathers, to tulle, to sequins and pleats, Suneet Verma’s creation are an example of limitless creativity. You’d wonder how it all falls into place so beautifully. That’s probably what the magic of making is all about. Putting together ensembles like these require great creative vision, and a little bit of funkiness, and these are definitely not for the brides who prefer going old school. If you’re in the mood for some serious playfulness and want to really turn heads at your wedding, we strongly recommend Suneet Verma for your wedding couture.

    Suneet Verma
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    Lehenga Styles for 2018 Brides!


    This year has been a revelation in terms of lehenga styles and colours. Brides have opted for soft blues to bright reds and everything in between.

    Glittering Queen

    Sequins are an astonishingly popular choice for embroidery on bridal lehengas now. The style, popularised by Sabyasachi has become a favourite with brides who want a simple yet glamorous look for their special day.

    Glittering queen
    Glamorous lehangas for the D-Day

    Baareeki Is In

    ‘Baareek’ meaning delicate is a style of embroidery that utilises small, delicate motifs to fill out the fabric. Increasingly, lehenga styles are moving away from large embroidery or patches towards delicate embroidered work.

    Baareeki is in
    A Unique Trendsetter

    Burgundy Beauty

    A stunning colour for winters, burgundy lehengas are the perfect twist on the classic red bridal style. A favourite with brides this year, the burgundy lehengas goes beautifully with heavy, ethnic jewellery. We predict this trend will carry on well into 2018 as well!

    Departure from the classic red

    Quirky Motifs

    The Indian lehenga has progressed far ahead of its time as a red, heavy garment with large motifs such as the ‘ambi’ or paisley. Floral motifs and prints have made a splash in the last five years and are still a favourite with brides. You can now opt for many different motifs in embroidery includings birds or architecture, the first popularised by Rohit Bal and the second by Kresha Bajaj.

    Quirky motifs
    Rich and Wonderful

    A Touch of Yellow

    Yellow will steadily make its rise as a beautiful bridal colour and we’re the first ones to tell you so. Traditionally, a colour for mehendi or haldi, mustard yellow or ochre hues of yellow are perfect for bridal days. Have a look at these inspirations.

    A touch of yellow
    The colour of haldi

    Love story lehengas

    Popularised by Kresha Bajaj’s Koesch, the love story lehenga has become a rage with brides. Using embroidery, brides are crafting their stories onto their lehengas from locations to special mementos and anecdotes, it’s all there!

    A Contemporary Lehenga
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    The 7 Most Popular Wedding DJs for Your Wedding Cocktail!

    What’s a wedding without a good party? The fun and merriment of weddings cannot be contained within just the traditional rituals – especially not in today’s age. Keeping in mind that it’s the millennials who are getting married, the events at weddings have also evolved. The cocktail party has therefore come to be a mainstay at wedding events across the country. Cocktail parties are glitzy, glamorous, and a great time to let loose and dance the night away.

    A good party is comprised of good company, fine wine, and great music. Having the right DJ playing the grooviest tracks at your party can really get you and your guests into the right mood for the festivities ahead. Here are our top 7 picks of DJs to raise your spirits at the cocktail party.

    1. DJ Gaurav Malvai

    DJ Malvai has been spinning mixes for the who’s who of the country. From celebrity weddings to uber swanky parties, the man has wow-ed every crowd he has played for. Having mixed for landmark events in the country, DJ Malvai is one of the premier DJs in town. With a record that includes Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachhan’s pre-wedding event, and Big B’s 70th Birthday bash, he has great credibility and is a very good bet – you just can’t go wrong with this one.

    Website: https://djgauravmalvai.wordpress.com/

    DJ Gaurav Malvai
    DJ for uber swanky parties

    2. DJ Gunjan Sharma

    You don’t need to look much further if you want a complete package and value for money. A power packed, all in one performer, DJ Gunjan Sharma is a vocalist, visual artist, and a superb anchor apart from being a DJ par excellence. You just know that a man of such versatility is going to really rock the party.

    Website: http://www.artistgunjan.com/

    DJ Gunjan Sharma
    DJ par excellence

    3. DJ Anish Sood

    DJ Anish Sood has opened for international sensations like Steve Aoki and David Guetta. We could just end the text there. But here’s the deal, with the fame and repute that this young man has garnered for himself, we just cannot not talk about him. If you want your cocktail party to be electrified, and that vibe to last all night long, DJ Anish Sood is the person to call. Equally a master of House, Techno, and EDM genres, DJ Anish Sood has what it takes to get a party going in todays’ time and age.

    Website: http://anishsood.com/enter/

    DJ Anish Sood
    Master of house, techno and EDM genres

    4. DJ Madoc / Anuraag Chaddha

    What does it take for an engineer to gradually become one of the top DJs in the country? Pure passion and maddening skills. DJ Madoc, who is currently the resident DJ at The Li Bai, St. Regis Mumbai, is one of those who chased his passion. And that is quite evident in the way he stirs up the clubbing scene in India. Collaborating with international sound artists to produce avant garde mixes, DJ Madoc has created a niche for himself in the Indian market.

    Website: http://madocofficial.com/

    DJ Madoc / Anuraag Chaddha
    Just rocking!

    5. DJ Shaan / Shaan Singh

    From playing several instruments as an incredibly gifted youngster at school, to becoming one of the youngest resident DJs at Sunburn, DJ Shaan is just as high spirited as you want your cocktail party to be. His trademark uplifting music has already wowed crowds at some of the most high-end clubs like The Ministry of Sound, and The Box in London. What more do you need for a party of truly sensational standards.

    Website: http://dj.beatport.com/shaan

    DJ Shaan / Shaan Singh

    6. DJ Chetas

    It’s not without reason why DJ Chetas is nicknamed, the ‘King of Bollywood Mashups’. A regular at the Mumbai parties and wedding circuits, DJ Chetas has also been the official DJ for IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders. Ranked 59th on the DJ MAG’s top DJs list, DJ Chetas is a powerhouse of energy. From Punjabi, to EDM, and of course Bollywood dance tracks, DJ Chetas will have it all going for your cocktail party.

    Website: http://www.djchetas.com/

    DJ Chetas
    King of Bollywood Mashups

    7. DJ Aqeel

    For everyone who has grown up in the 2000s, the remixed version of ‘Tu Tu Hai Wohi’ is still major earworm. Millennials in India have definitely shaken a leg to that number at least once. So it’s probably safe to say that a lot of us have grown up listening to the mixes of the ultimate Bollywood DJ. When it comes to DJ Aqeel, the track record is phenomenal. With a set of chartbuster singles that he’s produced, apart from spinning for the biggest and most glamorous parties in town, DJ Aqeel is in our opinion the final word to maintain the energy for a truly desi party.

    Website: http://www.djaqeel.com/

    DJ Aqeel
    Truly desi
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    The Top 5 Hair Care Products For Brides

    Who wants their wedding day to be a bad hair day? Trust us; it has to be no one. When you check-off your wedding dress, make-up, shoes and smile, don’t forget to add beautiful and healthy hair on the list. Here are a few products which will lighten up the weight on your shoulders and will make those soft curls dangle effortlessly.

    Dry Shampoo

    Getting your head wet again and again in order to get frizz free hair, or shampooing twice a day is not an option when you are the bride. A perfect solution is having a dry shampoo in your hair care kit. It allows your hair to breathe without getting wet and going under a shower, adding volume to your hair and making them silky soft instantly. There is a range of dry shampoos available in the market at affordable prices.

    Our top picks? L’Oreal, Tony and Guy, Drybar, TRESemme and Dove!

    Dry Shampoo
    Frizz free

    Heat Protection

    To style your hair into a beautiful bun and curls one needs to use a heat tool which means a lot of damage. Now you don’t want to burn your beautiful locks and force a trim because of split ends caused by curling rods and straighteners. So here to your rescue is the great smelling Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hairdresser’s oil. Just 2-3 drops and you’re done. It will provide protection against damage and also being dry oil it’s non-greasy, so no sticky hair. If you’re looking for options, L’Oreal’s Heat It and TRESemme’s Heat Tamer are just as good!

    Heat Protection
    Save yourself from heat!


    Your hair texture enhances the beauty of your gorgeously styled hair. It helps in creating a little bit of friction, making sure your pins and accessories stay put! Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray is known to be one of the best in terms of providing excellent finish and texture. This floral-scented formula provides you with perfect hold and plenty of shine.

    Good transition to natural hair

    Hair Spray

    The thing to worry about the most would be to keep your hair in place after all the hours of styling. TRESemme’s Freeze Hold Hairspray is all you need to put everything in place. Affordable and easily available anywhere, this product gives great hold to the hair. This light scented product will neutralize the PH balance in your hair which means minimal damage. Be it a thunderous storm or a hot summer afternoon, your hair is going to stay flawless.

    A couple of others worth trying are Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Anti- Humidity Spray and Beaver Professional Almighty Activate Essence, each with their own unique features.

    Hair Spray
    Minimal damage

    All In One

    If you want to keep your hair loose and don’t want to use too much product, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment should work just right. This is a product we recommend you always have in your kit. A bride’s best friend, it’s an oil and silicon-free styling treatment that provides volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish all in one swell sweep. For haldi and mehendi functions where you want to look simple and spend less time in your dressing room, this product would do.  So now here’s something that you would never want to run out of.

    All in One
    Total Styling



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    The Best Gown Designers For Receptions And Cocktails!

    Apart from the ritual heavy functions of weddings like sangeet and mehendi, the reception and cocktail events give your wardrobe a bit of a break. It’s a great opportunity to break out some Indo-Western eveningwear for a formal and sophisticated presence at these events. Give your lehengas and anarkalis a rest for the reception and take a look at some of the best designers Delhi has to offer for your wedding gown needs.

    Sabyasachi Mukherjee

    Synonymous with heavily ornamental and quintessentially Indian designs, Sabyasachi has some very ethnic looking gowns to offer for your subtler wedding functions. Exuding a royal aura, the embroidery and overall design aesthetic of Sabyasachi is blended seamlessly into a western outfit format of a gown like garment.

    WHERE: Kutub Serai No. 6-8 One Style Mile Kalka Das Marg Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

    Website: http://www.sabyasachi.com/

    Sabyasachi Mukherjee
    Ethnic and elegant

    Gaurav Gupta

    Gaurav Gupta’s range boasts of sculpture like garments that hold a sense of rhythm. His work has a contemporary feel to it, yet subtly Indian in its essence. Having had a whole lot of international experience means Gaurav Gupta’s range has something understatedly unique to offer. If you’ve looking for something bright, new age and chic, Gaurav Gupta Studios is your answer.

    Website: http://www.gauravguptastudio.com/

    WHERE: 339, Second Floor, DLF Emporio. Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj II, New Delhi.

    Gaurav Gupta
    Fashion of the new age

    Pallavi Puri

    Delhi-based designer Pallavi Puri entered the world of fashion with her label in 2008. She has created a niche for herself and her range’s take on the Jamawar range has become the brand’s USP. With a global touch, the brand’s ethnic look is quite a signature one. Pallavi Puri has seen to it that the dresses look contemporary even ten years down the line. Unlike other designers the dresses are hand crafted and made with care and attention. The unique selling point of this collection is that it is subtle and has classy style.

    WHERE: D-19, 3rd Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

    Pallavi Puri
    Uniquely desi

    Manish Malhotra

    A master of glamour and style, Manish Malhotra is a hot favourite for brides looking for reception or cocktail gowns. The perfect blend of bling and beauty, his pieces are collector’s items. If you want to sparkle and shine on your big day, swing by a Manish Malhotra store for the perfect gown.

    Website: https://www.manishmalhotra.in/

    Manish Malhotra
    Cocktail gown

    Rohit Bal Designs

    A name that usually is synonymous with Indian fashion, Rohit Bal combines Indian traditions, coupled with western sensibilities to all his creations. His designs combine a whole lot of luxurious fabrics with a western influence but ultimately an Indian look, adding a bit of quirk to his sophisticated creations. His studios reflect the running trends of the season and you’re sure to find something that’s just right for your upcoming events.

    Website: http://www.rohitbal.com/

    WHERE: D-31, Shiniwas Puri, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

    Rohit Bal Designs

    Shantanu and Nikhil

    Inspired the royal era, the brothers Shantanu and Nikhil sport a regal taste and sensibility. Elegant outfits in deep yet impactful Indian colours make up their wedding wear range for any occasion. They are well known for their understated elegance and regal tastes and design wedding wear for both brides and bridegrooms. The clothing range is delicately contrasted with gold work and a hint of tradition.

    Website: http://www.shantanunikhil.com/

    WHERE: D-58 Ground floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi


    303, Dlf Emporio Mall, 4, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

    Shantanu and Nikhil

    Sharnita Nandwana

    A beautiful look for girls who are looking for a gown well within budget is designer Sharnita Nandwana. Her western sensibilities and minimal embroidery are perfect for a pre-wedding dinner or shoot. With a unique take on cuts as well as materials and fabrics, you will truly stand out in your unique gown by Sharnita. Her designs also have the perfect styles for beach and resort weddings.

    Website: http://www.sharnitanandwana.com/

    Sharnita Nandwana
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    The Best Pagdi Styles for Your Bridal Party!

    The Best Pagdi Styles for Your Bridal Party!

    It is a very well established fact that weddings in India are a grand affair. It’s a few days (which in some cases can extend well into weeks) where the bride and groom-to-be live out their every wish and desire. Getting married in style is always a priority, and why not? Since weddings are not an everyday affair, you might as well take hold of this once in a lifetime opportunity and play it out to the fullest. Having an elaborate wedding implies having an equally elaborate set of attires and accessories for the entire event.

    Thinking of having a grand bridal party, and you aren’t really sure if you want everyone turning up in traditional pink turbans? Then here are a few ideas that are an easy shift from the regular.

    The Tissue Issue

    Voile and tissue are such lightweight and elegant fabrics, and it is no wonder that they are used by royalty for their turbans. The slight golden sheen of tissue makes it all the more appealing in a regal manner. The fabric scrunches up to create great volume and creates a massive, luxurious turban when wound. Think of adding accessories to the turban like brooches, sarpeches, or even feathers to make it look like a stately affair.

    The Tissue Issue
    Modern and Traditional

    Sometimes, Larger The Better

    Traveled to the western parts of the country and been amazed by the large colorful turbans worn by the nomads? Why not bring that ethnic turban into your party. Think of playing around with colors and getting people to wear turbans in a similar color palette. The nomadic turbans are made of what seems to be a seemingly endless length of fabric, and can be quite a task to perfect the way it is tied, but what’s the fun in pulling off a look without any challenges.

    Sometimes, Larger The Better
    Ethnic Turbans

    The Marathi Pheta

    There is something incredibly stately and crisp about the impeccably tied Marathi Pheta. These turbans are tied with immense precision, with fabric folded so neatly that you wonder if it is fabric at all, and not a molded sculpture. Ready made phetas are available for purchase and rent, and would be way more convenient to use, as tying a pheta takes a long amount of time, and tying one well takes years of practice and a very skilled pair of hands.

    The Marathi Pheta
    The Marathi Pheta

    Bollywood Inspirations

    Bollywood never fails to amaze, and is a great source of ideas and inspiration for wedding styles and costume options. Remember Ranvir Singh with the enormous Peshwa turban from Bajirao Mastani? Why not pull of that look, and add beaded tassels and jeweled brooches for a little bit extra! Or think of the epic colorful riots of turbans worn in Paheli. Whatever be the case, there are countless films to refer from and these looks are totally worth trying out.

    Bollywood Inspirations
    Little filmy

    Rajasthani Turbans

    To begin with – traditional Rajasthani costume for men is incomplete without the turban. Rajasthan is divided into different regions, and the turbans of these regions are also unique. Turbans from each region are representative of the cultural identity of that area and are a symbol of pride. Look out for a Mewari turban if you prefer something on the simpler side, or opt for that of Rajput royalty if you prefer grandeur.

    Rajasthani Turbans
    Rajput Royalty

    Pagdi’s For The Girls As Well!

    It would be unfair to say that turbans are meant only for men – why can’t girls join in on the fun? Simple ethnic turbans look extremely chic especially if worn with chunky or beaded jewelry. Look for inspiration from African cultures, and use printed fabrics for maximum effect.

    Paghdi’s For The Girls As Well!
    Why should boys have all the fun!
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    The Perfect Props for Your Pre Wedding Shoot!

    Pre wedding shoots are all the rage. There’s no better way to kick start your wedded life, than a fun filled photo shoot. Why the hype? Because they’re exactly what you want them to be! Wedding photography can get a bit formal, but with pre-wedding shoots, it’s a much more private affair, and the floor is entirely yours. Creativity knows no bounds and there are hardly any limits when it comes to pre wedding shoots. Here are some incredibly fun and creative props that you could use for your pre wedding shoot.

    Light It Up With Lamps

    Thinking of having an evening shoot for a dramatic set of photographs? Maximize on the drama with some incandescent bulbs or streamers of fairy lights. The soft warm glow definitely has an old world charm that brings out the best in photographs. Added lighting creates for such great ambience for photo shoots. And with the vast array of lighting options out there, you have an endless list of lamps to toy around with.

    Light It Up With Lamps
    Glowy lights

    Bubbling With Love And Laughter

    Nothing says fun quite like bubbles do. Bubbles floating in the air, and them ppoping just when you touch it are all reminiscent of simple childhood joys. Why not reflect the simplicity of joy by using bubbles in your pre wedding photo shoot concept. They’re fun, they’re easy to handle, and barely cost anything (we might have just found the ideal prop!)

    Bubbling With Love And Laughter
    Bring out the bubbles

    Flower Power

    Weddings are synonymous with flowers and yes, you would have seen enough flowers for a lifetime by the time you’re through with the entire wedding. But, we just can’t get ourselves to do away with bouquets as a wedding prop. Flowers are quintessential to any wedding. Flowers stand for anything positive, and their bright and cheery presence can liven up any situation. Try thinking of innovative bouquets, or other floral arrangements as props to be used.

    Flower Power
    The flower setup

    Your Family And Other Animals

    We hate to call them mere props, but having animals in your pre wedding shoot is a wonderful idea! Why not bring along your family pooch for the shoot and make the photoshoot an even more fun process. Or think of a destination shoot in say, Rajasthan, with camels in the background – this already is beginning to sound like an idyllic setting for a photoshoot. You could even arrange for pictures to be taken in a public aquarium with fish swimming in the background.

    Your Family And Other Animals
    Bow wow meow weow

    Color Bombs

    Color bombs are currently in, and we absolutely love the effect they create. An enormous cloud of color surrounding you putting you in a surreal atmosphere, is a great idea for a pre wedding shoot. Think of using them in every manner possible. Have color bombs go off in the background, hold them and twirl around to create your own color cocoon, or just leave behind a seemingly endless trail of hues – whatever you do, you can quite literally have a blast!

    Color Bombs!
    Colorful blast

    Balloons Of Every Colour

    Balloons are undoubtedly the ideal party prop. Lightweight, easy to handle, and such a pleasant sight – balloons always bring back memories of the simple joys of childhood. Having balloons in your photoshoot will keep the mood light, casual, and sprightly. Not to forget, balloons are fun to have around for people of all ages. Somehow the irresistibility of balloons despite them being oh so common, is probably what make them such a great prop to work with.

    Balloons Of Every Colour
    Balloons of love

    Out To Sea

    While you plan on smooth sailing into wedded bliss, why not actually sail a bit for your pre wedding shoot? Boats are a quirky, and fun prop that are doing the rounds of pre wedding shoot concepts. Romantic and dreamlike, they create a wonderful ambience, quite like a fairy tale setting.

    Out To Sea
    Bride, Groom and the Sea
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    The perfect beauty investments to last you through your wedding!

    We all know that weddings are the one time in your life that you want to invest the most in how you look so why shouldn’t all that effort last? We have the perfect recommendations for beauty investments which will not set you back simply for a few days. Read on!

    Laser hair removal

    Now a known and trusted method for getting rid of body hair for good, laser hair removal is the perfect way to ensure smooth and silky skin that lasts long. Instead of undergoing the painful wax procedure at parlours, pay anywhere between 50,000 INR to 100,000 INR for a full body removal of hair. It’s always best to consult a dermatologist for references and ask for a patch test to see if the procedure suits your skin.

    Laser hair removal
    Get smooth skin painlessly


    Scrubbing is a hotly debated daily skin routine which does not suit everyone. You can opt for microdermabrasion instead of home procedures to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells. It can even help you to correct the size of your pores, reduce pigmentation and scarring. Think of it as a permanent facial for your skin!

    Exfoliation of your skin

    Perma nail polish

    The perfect solution for brides who don’t want to keep changing up chipped nail polish for months, go for a permanent nail polish manicure. Using a technology with UV lamp or LED light, gel nail polish and coating or thinner, the permanent nail polish can last up to a month or two. You can also opt for extensions for a long nail finish.

    Perma nail polish
    Brilliant look for your nails


    Cryosculpting may be the answer to those last 5 kilos you’re always looking to shed before the wedding. A procedure by which you can actually freeze your fat cells to stop them from multiplying, cryosculpting is a sure shot way of shedding the unwanted fat. Consult with a doctor about the safety of procedure before starting a session.

    Shed the extra fat


    Now a well known form of straightening hair, rebonding has its newer avatars in hair smoothening and other such options. Any of these is a good way to straighten frizzy, dense hair and keep them smooth and straight for a few months. Ask your trusted salon for details on side effects, results and product quality.

    Straight and smooth hair
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    South Indian Wedding Looks That Blew Us Away!

    Cover Image

    When it comes to South Indian weddings, what probably is the most charming part is the demure elegance of simplicity. Beautiful, day time wedding rituals enhance the sophistication of the ceremonies. While most South Indian Brides prefer sticking to their traditional Kanjeevaram Pattu Sarees or Kerala Kasavu Saree, brides today are upping the ante with wedding looks that are nearly heavenly. Take a look at these south Indian bridal looks that swept us off our feet.

    Shilpa’s Ethereal White-And-Gold Look

    Keeping in mind that the wedding of California based Shilpa and Deepak in Kerala was to be a traditional Malayali one, the wedding theme was aptly called KERALAFORNIA. Likewise, Shilpa stuck to the traditional white and gold Malayali traditional attire, but drifted away from the standard Kasavu to this gorgeous silk saree. Keeping with her Punjabi roots and attaching the Kaleere to her bracelets, Shilpa shows us how to style wedding jewelry from different cultures with ease. The subtle gold and pearl jewelry, and hair wrapped in jasmine flowers only add on to the sublime vision that Shilpa was on her big day.

    Shilpa’s Ethereal White-And-Gold Look

    Styling It Right In Pink And White

    Aishwarya decided to stick to the traditional silk saree for her wedding with Rajesh, in Bangalore. But what a vision she was! The planning gone into getting this look right is evident from the absolute attention to detail and coordination. The combination of Pink and white can never really go wrong but we wonder if it can be done better than this. Aishwarya’s rich pink blouse and zari details on her sari are perfectly matched by the stones set in her ornaments. The color coordination is taken all the way to the flower garlands in Aishwarya’s hair. If color coordination was a task, then the contents of Aishwarya’s trousseau are what we’d call a match made in heaven.

    Styling It Right In Pink And White
    Match made in Heaven

    This Completely Adorable Hairdo

    For someone as incredibly talented and artistic as Upasana, planning her own wedding was bound to be a joyous experience – and that definitely shows! While we are completely in love with all of Upasana’s kanjeevaram Sarees, what really made us swoon was her brilliant hairdo. Upasana shows us how to rock a side bun and look like a complete goddess while doing so. The flower garland around her hair bun and the dangling tassel are little details nobody should miss.

    Adorable Hairdo
    Adorable Hairdo

    Effortlessly Stunning Adithi

    Weddings are undoubtedly a fun affair, despite all the planning and seemingly never-ending preparations. But to actually carry off an easy breezy look in one’s own wedding, can be quite a challenge. It’s incredibly easy to get carried away by the endless options of attire and jewelry, but Adithi shows us how to look as fresh as a bouquet with her demure and fun wedding look. Staying in line with the overall rustic theme if her wedding set in a Goan forest, Adithi opts out of heavy bridal wear and jewelry. With a simple and elegant saree, and her hair in a chic updo, Adithi surely looks like a natural Diva.

    Effortlessly Stunning Adithi
    Simply natural

    This Blockbuster Celebrity Wedding

    Celebrity weddings are synonymous with glamour and a high profile guest list, resulting in a star studded, dreamlike affair. But what really moved us was Samantha Akkineni’s gorgeous engagement saree. An elegant white saree with zari and bead-work never fails to stun, but Samantha’s customized saree is very special in an equally unique manner. The saree was completely customized for Samantha, and the embroidery comprised of imagery of special moments shared by Samantha and her husband, Telugu film star, Nagachaithanya. The dedication and love witnessed here is beyond words.

    This Blockbuster Celebrity Wedding
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    The Meaning Of Your Wedding Vows. A Breakdown Of What You’re Committing To Your Partner For Life!

    Meaning of Wedding Vows

    Marriage is an important event in anyone’s life. At the core of every extravagant Hindu wedding is the union of two souls that lasts over seven lifetimes. According to Hinduism, the match of a bride and groom is made in heaven and the ritual of uttering these vows while circling the sacred fire is the act of sanctifying it.

    The main ceremony is the Saptapadi; ‘sapta’ meaning seven and ‘padi’ meaning steps. This involves the seven steps or vows said during the final and most important Hindu wedding ritual. The Seven vows represent the elements required for an ideal marriage and seek to bind the couple together in their journey together.

    1. To Cherish and Provide

    “Om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman”

    “Dhanam dhanyam pade vadet”

    For the First Vow, the groom promises his bride to cherish her and to provide for her and their children and in return asks for her to provide him with food and her assistance in life.  The bride’s vow replies with declaring her domestic responsibilities, concluding the first vow with the bride and groom wishing each other prosperity.

    To Cherish and Provide
    A promise to begin with

    2. To Protect

    “Om oorje jara dastayaha”

    “Kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam”

    For the Second vow, the groom declares that they will together form the protection of their household and children, the bride echoing with her vows stating her as being his strength and courage. She asks for his loyalty to her in return.

    To Protect
    Protecting each other

    3. Wishing Health And Prosperity

    “Om rayas santu joradastayaha”

    “Tava bhakti as vadedvachacha”

    For the Third vow, the groom wishes wealth and prosperity over their newly forming family and the children to come, and for the health and longevity of their children. The bride promises her fidelity to her husband and vows to view every other man in her life as secondary to her husband, promising her love and devotion to her husband.

    Wishing Health And Prosperity
    Love and devotion

    4. Peace and Sanctity

    “Om mayo bhavyas jaradastaya ha”

    “Lalayami cha pade vadet”

    For the Fourth vow the groom states how, his wife has brought peace and sacredness to his life by completing him and he wishes for moral, obedient children. The bride promises to look after her husband in every way and to shower their union with happiness.

    Peace and Sancitity
    Shower one another with joy

    5. Sharing Of Joys And Sorrows Forever

    “Om prajabhyaha santu jaradastayaha”

    “Arte arba sapade vadet”

    For the Fifth vow the groom wishes God’s blessings upon his bride for her noble intentions and well wishes for him. He declares how she is his dearest friend, expressing his happiness at her entering his life. The bride promises her love to him for as long as she lives. The bride’s vow elaborates on how his sorrow and his happiness is now shared and is thus her sorrow and happiness as well. She expresses her trust in him and states that she will honour him and fulfill all his wishes.

    Sharing Of Joys And Sorrows Forever
    Being friends for life

    6.  A Promise To Last Seven Lifetimes

    “Rutubhyah shat padi bhava”

    “Yajna hom shashthe vacho vadet”

    For the sixth vow, the groom asks the bride, that now that she has taken these six steps in the form of vows with him and filled him with absolute joy, will she do the kindness of filling his heart with this joy for the remainder of their seven lives. The bride replies with an affirmative, confirming that she will always be by his side.

    A Promise To Last Seven Lifetimes
    Together for seven lives

    7. Proclamation Of The Union Before God

    “Om sakhi jaradastayahga”

    “Attramshe sakshino vadet pade”

    For the Seventh vow, the groom proclaims the couple as husband and wife, stating that they are now one, and that he is hers and she his for the rest of eternity. The bride states that God is a witness to their union and she is now his wife, stating that they will love, honour and cherish each other forever.

    Proclamation Of The Union Before God
    Union for the rest of eternity
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    The Perfect Sunny Destinations For A Winter Honeymoon!

    The Perfect Sunny Destinations For A Winter Honeymoon!

    Winters are magical and especially for weddings, but not everyone’s cup of tea. All the cold dreary days and frozen feet can be left behind for your honeymoon, and you can head to a toasty warm location where the sun’s always shining. Though a lot of folks like the cold for their honeymoon since it’s great for cozy cuddling, there’s a lot more adventure and outdoorsy relaxing that comes with choosing a warmer more tropical location for your honeymoon. Plus you get to make your shivering friends and family back home super jealous! We’ve got a list of some fantastic sunny destinations for your hot and happening honeymoon.

    Untouched Goa

    The most obvious choice of course is everyone’s favourite party destination. What most people overlook about Goa is it’s quieter beaches and dreamy winding roads through unpopulated local farms and localities. With lots to explore for a more touristy approach like churches, cathedrals and forts, Goa has more to offer than just clubs and parties. The interior regions also sport a whole variety of eateries, diners and cafes that would make evening eating out a wholesome experience for sure. Hiring a vehicle to get around and explore Goa is the best option, making drive outs to nearby locations such as Panjim a relatively breezy experience.

    Untouched Goa
    All time favorite beach destination

    A Little Bit Of God’s Own Country

    A medley of Dutch and Kerala culture, Kochi is an amazingly quaint little town. Best explored on bicycle, Kochi has something new to discover at every corner. Eclectic little corners like Princess Street are amazing for shopping along with Jew Street. The town is a busy seaport so hopping onto a ferry gets you across the channel to Ernakulam, a larger town if you’d like to explore that. The hotels and homestays in Kochi in themselves are quite an experience. Taking a walk along the Chinese fishing nets at evening, catching the sunset from a rooftop café, heading to one of the artsy galleries are just some of the experiences that Kochi has in store.

    A Little Bit Of God’s Own Country
    Feels like Heaven on Earth

    Sea, Sand And Solitude

    A Hindu pilgrimage town in Karnataka, Gokarna attracts both beach lovers and pilgrims in hordes. With relatively more pristine beaches, Gokarna has begun to attract more and more people to it for this reason. With a whole lot of temples to explore, you can hop through them and soak in the spiritual vibe. There’s the option of snorkeling and scuba diving as well, so don’t miss out the offbeat!

    Sea, Sand And Solitude
    Where spirituality reaches zenith

    Port Blair / Off The Coast

    Located on South Andaman island, and the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, this is an exotic location as any. With its fascinating history as a British penal colony, Port Blair has a lively culture to experience and explore. The serene beaches, rugged coastline and tropical fauna are all quite an exotic experience. Explore the several memorials and museums that showcase bits of World War history as well as that of the Indian Freedom struggle or otherwise just soak in the atmosphere of the place. You can also travel amongst the islands and explore more of the Andaman and Nicobar islands if you so please.

    Port Blair / Off The Coast
    Surrounded by ocean from all sides

    A Slice Of France On Indian Soil

    Sporting a bohemian chic vibe, Puducherry makes a brilliant location for a young couple heading out on their honeymoon. With a predominantly French aesthetic, the whole town speaks in French architectural elements. The locals also all speak French, even some of the autowalas! The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the predominant establishment in Pondicherry and is definitely a go to place for the quiet. Worth noting is the small spiritual hamlet a stone’s throw from Pondicherry – Auroville. Attracting a whole host of Indians as well as foreign nationals, Auroville is the ultimate bohemian paradise.

    A Slice Of France On Indian Soil
    It’s always romantic when it’s French
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    Simplify Your Honeymoon Wardrobe With Our Packing Guide

    Weddings are tiresome! Thinking about the venue, the outfits and managing guests, it’s all a bit terrifying for a bride to be. The best way for a couple to relax and escape the chaos is an exciting and enjoyable vacation. But are you in trouble packing for your honeymoon wardrobe? Consider thinking once before you spend your ample amount of valuable money on stuff that you might not even need. Here is a list of things and a few tips that would assist you to organise a fun filled, romantic and comfortable ensemble for your trip.

    Dresses For Every Mood

    1. Time to relax, indulge in romantic dinners and take long walks on the beach? If your honeymoon is luxury at its best, then keep comfort in mind while packing a few summer-y outfits to have you looking fabulous.
    2. A little extravagance on a special night out? Don’t leave home without one each of the perfect LBD and an elegant lengthy dress to keep you ready for anything!
    3. Heading to somewhere where the temperature is low and the weather misty? Don’t forget accessories like shawls and shrugs to keep you warm even in your chic outfits!
    Dresses For Every Mood
    According to your whims

    Keeping It Casual

    Don’t forget to pack tank tops, shorts or skirts, shirts and t-shirts to keep you company while you just hang out. They are light, take up almost no space, and will make you feel right at home.

    We also recommend a wrap-around or long skirt to keep you presentable but comfy, and a jacket you can throw on when the evenings get chilly. But then again, it all depends on where you’re headed so pack according to the forecasts!

    Keeping It Casual
    Make you feel at home


    Heading to the beach, or even to a resort that boasts of its poolside retreat? Don’t forget your swimsuits – ideally more than one set – so you aren’t caught off guard. Don’t lug around beach towels and all though, it’s best to pack light and utilize the hotels complimentary pampering!

    Accessories for your beach time

    For His Eyes Only

    You can’t forget the lingerie, after all it is your honeymoon! Spend a little time picking your lingerie, it’ll be a welcome surprise for your groom and it can most definitely make for some memorable memories.

    For His Eyes Only
    Perfect lingerie to make it memorable

    Just Enough Footwear

    Don’t pack your expensive heels and sandals for your honeymoon. Trust us; you won’t need them there at all. A single pair of sandals or slippers, sneakers for travel and a pair of heels that go with everything are more than enough, especially since travelling light will help along the way.

    Just Enough Footwear
    Simple enough for your feet

    Keep It Simple

    Buy a good waterproof backpack and a tote bag to keep your important things handy. Don’t carry your expensive designer bags and jewellery with you – it’ll be a pain keeping track of your valuables while you let loose and relax. We know you want to look good, but we assure you that the basics will keep you looking fabulous and all the perks the hotels are sure to make up for.

    If you’re looking to dress up and add a little extra, accessorize your daily wear which scarves, shades, hats and chunky necklaces; inexpensive and yet stunning!

    Keep It Simple
    Keep it light and don’t pack much
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    Kresha Bajaj’s Koecsh Creates The Most Beautiful, Ethereal Lehengas For Brides!

    What’s the most important for a bride on her wedding day? Her wedding dress of course! Sometimes, even more than her groom (winks and nudges).

    Ethnic but chic

    Now, what if we tell you that you can design your own Lehenga the way you want? Surprised?

    Here’s the success story of a designer who designed her own wedding dress. From their first meeting and proposal to all the important moments they had shared together, she framed everything on her white lehenga embroidered with glistening gold. She didn’t just design her dress, but thought it as a canvas and painted her love story on it. Attire that narrated her love story, a stunning rendition of everything a bride could hope for.

    Tale As Old As Time

    Kresha Bajaj Zaveri, a Mumbai-based fashion designer, did just that. Being a fan of the traditional but looking for a twist, she decided to go take her bridal lehenga just a step further. These days her creations are in trend and why wouldn’t they be?

    Her brand Koecsh has gotten quite a boost after the popularity of her own wedding ensemble. Her creations are the most beautiful and somewhat different from the rest you see in the market. The perfect blend of modern chic and ethnic, her designs are something today’s brides would adore. She recently designed Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Bridal Lehenga too! Yes, you read it right. The new bride in town, Samantha who married Naga Chaitanya recently had her Lehenga custom made by Koecsh, down to the last stitch. She also designed Samantha’s engagement saree that featured every detail of the beautiful moments of the couple, keeping her claim to fame in the fore.

    Tale As Old As Time
    Customized to your dreams

    Every Step Of The Way

    What if we say that you could also do the same, narrate your own love story on your wedding dress? Kresha’s love for fashion has guaranteed you the bridal attire of our dreams. You can reach Kresha Bajaj on her website and narrate your story to her, and from sketching it out to involving you in the swatches and plans, every stitch will be custom. “Traditions have always played an important part in all that I do, since quality and perfection are constant traditions of my family, I know I had to bring something new to the table. So Koecsh was born out of the love for curiosity, collectability and passion” she says, describing her journey in the world of fashion and beyond.

    Every Step Of The Way
    Conventional-modern continuum

    Ethereal Pastels

    It’s not all about the narrative though, Kresha’s bridal wear takes us into a world where lace, beads, net and embroidery come together as some of the most stunning lehenga’s we have ever seen. Carefully studded with beads and worked on with thread, her series of monochrome skirts and blouses echo Victorian aesthetics – the blouse often erring towards a corset-like cut. Each with its unique use of custom-made laced florals and motifs that straddle the fine line between conventional and new-age, we have to admit her team of craftsmen must be the best in the trade to be able to bring to life her otherworldly designs.

    What made us fall in love? The flowing fabric which gives the pastels a glimmering life of their own is definitely top on the list.

    Ethereal Pastels
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    Your pre – wedding skin ritual checklist for winter weddings!

    Pre wedding skincare ritual

    Brides to be, if you’re going to get married, here’s the perfect skin ritual for the winter! Learn how to treat your skin with love and care during the harshest months of the year.

    Oily Skin:

    Now, we know that when you have oily skin, the biggest concern for you is breakouts. We also know how difficult it is to add more moisture to your skin without risking acne and we have the perfect solution. Let’s begin at the start:

    1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. Use a gentle cleanser and toner which works for you to keep your pores clean and healthy throughout the day. We recommend Kiehl’s blue herbal gel cleanser and toner set.
    2. When it comes to moisturizers, you must be very careful about what you use and infact consult your dermatologist on what you choose to use. Our recommendation is the water based Hydranet which can be purchased at many pharmacies.
    3. Often, dermatologists also recommend oral applications to treat acne and we recommend that you get an appointment to discuss your needs and use one accordingly.
    4. You also must use an excellent makeup remover and these days, micellar water based removers are getting rave reviews.
    5.  Using acne friendly substances such as tea tree oil products or aloe vera, you can keep your oil controlled and under check.


    Dry Skin:

    While dry skin is much easier to manage in countries like India, there is still a chance of your skin looking flaky and undernourished or even dull. With the right routine, you can really hydrate your skin and make it glow.

    1. Begin your day with a splash of lukewarm water, toner and a moisturizing massage. We recommend you use the Cetaphil cleanser which works well on dry skin. You can also use the Panchpushp toner by Forest Essentials along with their Soundarya cream as a moisturizer for a great routine.
    2. While it is not only important to use a moisturizer for dry skin, you must also pay attention to lip balms which can keep your lips from cracking and peeling. We recommend Body Shop’s Born Lippy balms which smell wonderful and keep your lips supple.
    3. Another important aspect of keeping dry skin feeling good is to moisturize your body with a good cocoa butter based product. Both Vaseline and The Body Shop have excellent Shea and Cocoa butter based lotions and moisturizers.


    Combination Skin:

    There is a lot of speculation on how to treat combination skin, but in our opinion, it is best to take a moderate approach to skincare when it comes to combination skin.

    1. Use a gentle cleanser similar to those which are used for oily skin. The La Roche products are great for such skin types and can be used to balance out the skin.
    2. It is important to remember that while you can use cleanser and toners which are meant for oily skin, you must use a light weight moisturizer which is easy on the skin and does not clog pores. It does not have to be oil free but it must be a gentle product. We recommend the Clinique moisturizer.
    3. If you have combination skin, you can also use a clay mask by Innisfree to protect your skin.
    4. One must also remember to ensure that their hair remains free of dandruff when they have oily or combination skin types so that the hair does not cause acne on the face. Use a medicated product such as Logidruf to maintain balance.
    5. Another important tip for all skin types is to use an oil free sunscreen with SPF 30+. We recommend the Kiehl’s mineral sunscreen!

      A bit of both
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    Gorgeous Indian Locales For Woodland Weddings!

    As kids, all of us are brought-up on fairy tales and stories. From the western tales of red-riding hood, Snow white and the seven dwarfs, Rapunzel and Tarzan to the Indian sacred epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shakuntala, forests are places that have a special place in our hearts.

    And since, Forests are these magical, mysterious, beautiful places where the greatest adventures of all times unravel, it isn’t surprising in the least that couples yearn to have their wedding in the woodlands!

    Here are some of the locations in India for a perfect woodland wedding.

    Bandhavgarh National Park

    Known for its gorgeous Bengal tigers, these rocky hill ranges will make for a perfect location. The national park also has safari resorts like the Mahua Kothi by Taj. Mahua Kothi and this venue are a perfect match and will take care of all your wedding needs; both traditional and modern wedding styles are provided by this resort. The park is accessible from both Delhi and Mumbai and the nearest airports are situated in Khajuraho and Jabalpur. The best time to visit this park is from February to June and the park stays shut due to the monsoons from 1st July to 15th October. Located in the Vindhya hills, Madhya Pradesh, forested valleys, hills, grassy swamps and wildlife will only add to the sense of adventure.

    Bandhavgarh National Park
    Abode of white tigers

    Naimisha Forests

    If you want a true-blue Mahabharata style wedding, this is the right place. This ancient forest lies on the banks of the Gomti river in Uttar Pradesh and was first mentioned in Ramayana and the Puranas. If the story is to be believed, the entire narration of the epic Mahabharata, took place in this forest.

    Naimisha Forests
    The jungle of epic tales

    Jim Corbett National Park

    With over 200 species of flora and fauna surrounding you, your woodland dream is sure to be fulfilled if you make Jim Corbett National Park your wedding destination. While this national park is a fully developed resort and vacation hub, Riverview Retreat by Leisure hotels seems to be a wedding favourite. Important to note is that it is closed during monsoon season and is most preferable from November to June. The closest town to the reserve is Ramnagar and is connected to Delhi by rail and road. The accommodation mentioned here and many such resorts place you in proximity to forests and will make cater to your every wedding need. Jim Corbett is especially known for its safari r